How Filters Can Make Your Next Zoom Call So Much Better

How Filters Can Make Your Next Zoom Call So Much Better

Pros of WFH: No commute, no annoying coworkers interrupting your flow, and no need to get done up and dressed first thing in the morning.

Cons of WFH: SO MANY Zoom meetings! And Skype calls!

I have so many friends who complain to me about how their bosses will unexpectedly decide to just call a video meeting with barely 10 minutes’ notice or expect them to hop on an unscheduled video call with a client that it just blows my mind!

So, while I do recommend that you at least brush your teeth and save the sheet masking for after work hours, I’m going to introduce you to the wild and wonderful world of Zoom filters.

You probably have heard about the fun backgrounds that you can download and use to hide whatever mess or madness is happening behind you on the screen, but it turns out that there’s also a way to hide the mess and madness that might be happening from the neck up, too.

There are fun backgrounds you can use to hide whatever mess is happening behind you on the screen, and now there’s a way to hide the mess that might be happening from the neck up, too.


Get By With a Little Help From a Friend

Since Zoom is now the go-to for things like work meetings, social gatherings, and classes thanks to coronavirus, the company has taken pity on all of you poor souls who are on day 6 of dry shampoo (no judgment from me!) or just can’t deal with putting on a full face of makeup for yet another video conference.

There’s now an option called “Touch up my appearance” in your Zoom settings, and it acts like the Instagram and Snapchat filters that give your skin a brighter, blurred appearance. It doesn’t add makeup (sadly!), but it does make you look fresher, smoother, and more awake, so it’s still a pretty big win in my book. I’d rather take two minutes to click on a Zoom filter and apply some mascara than 30 to do a full face!


Before Zoom filter


With the Zoom filter


To get this blessed beauty magic, just follow these steps:

  • Click on your profile icon in the top right corner of the main Zoom screen.
  • Click on “Settings.”
  • Click the “Video” tab.
  • Make sure the box for “Touch up my appearance” is checked on!



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It’s really that simple! You’ll be able to test how it looks from the video tab also, so you can get an idea of what you’ll look like with the filter on.


Bonus Tip: Backgrounds!

If you don’t have a green screen (seriously, who does?), you can still make the background feature work for you! It does work best with a plain white background or green screen (which, honestly, if you do a lot of video calls, it’s probably worth grabbing a neon green sheet or curtain for this), but I managed to make it work just sitting on my sofa, too.

Zoom gives you a few preset options like space and nature, and you can also upload any of your own images to use too. However, if you’re in the mood for some extra fun, you can visit stock image sites like for tons of gorgeous, cute, and interesting background images.


zoom filters
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In fact, even big names like Disney, Starbucks, and DC Comics are jumping in on the game. You can do a quick Google search for Zoom backgrounds and browse around for some that strike your fancy. All you need to do is right-click (or tap and hold on mobile), open the image in a new tab, and then right-click again to save the image. Just make sure to save it somewhere that’s easy to find again!

Once you have the image(s) you want:

1. Go back to your Zoom settings.



2. Click the “virtual background” tab.

3. Beside “choose virtual background,” you’ll see a small + icon.



4. Click the icon, select “add image,” and upload your file! It will appear in your options immediately afterward.



Blessings upon Zoom for making these features fun, useful, AND easy to manage.

Personally, I’m a big fan of this Tiger King background and this absolutely hilarious “everything is fine” meme background.


zoom filters


Make WFH Easier and More Fun

Endless video meetings are never going to be fun, but at least now you can just keep a nice work shirt nearby for the next surprise Zoom call from your boss. Turn on that beauty filter, get an interesting background going, and nobody will know that you haven’t brushed your hair or folded that huge mountain of laundry sitting behind you.

If you guys have any fun favorite Zoom backgrounds, drop a link to them in the comments below! We can never have too many choices, right?


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