Would You Rather, Beauty Edition: The Beauty Staples I’d Give Up If I Had To

Would You Rather, Beauty Edition: The Beauty Staples I’d Give Up If I Had To

During the beginning of the shelter-in-place orders, I had a lot of video chats and Facetime dates to keep in touch with my friends. But after a while, the same ol’ conversations about the pandemic turned stale. We needed to freshen things up, so I decided to introduce them to my very own beauty battle challenge game. The rules? I choose two beauty staples from a variety of categories—skin care, makeup, wellness, fitness, etc.—and pit two baddies against each other. It’s almost like the game Would You Rather but WAY more fun. Want to know my beauty staple picks? Don’t worry, I got you covered.


Fitness: Peloton vs. Powerlifting

Two of the loves of my life head-to-head in a battle … sigh. My Peloton is single-handedly one of the best purchases I’ve ever made in my life, while powerlifting literally changed my life for the better. If the world was ending tomorrow (and hey, the way things are going, we can never be sure), I think I’d have to go with powerlifting. There is no greater confidence boost than being able to lift 300+ pounds off of the floor, or squatting double your body weight. Lifting became a form of meditation for me, and let me tell you, out of all the things that I miss doing, lifting is #1.


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Grooming: Waxing Your Eyebrows vs. Getting a Haircut in a Salon

If I could marry my eyebrow waxer, I would, so I’m definitely going with waxing my eyebrows. I have very naturally bushy brows that start to curl when they get too long, so when my brows aren’t snatched, my whole face looks a hot mess. I haven’t had my brows waxed since March, and let me tell you, it ain’t pretty. My hair? Well, it’s curly so it isn’t super obvious when I need a haircut. I once went four years without a real haircut, but got my brows done every month, so … this was definitely an easy answer.


Skin Care: Oil Cleansing vs. Sunscreen

Oh. My. God. After a few minutes of back and forth agony over choosing two life-changing skin care products, I decided to go with sunscreen. My justification? Well, I don’t need to oil cleanse, but I do need to wear sunscreen. Will my cleansing routine be slightly different so I can remove my makeup and sunscreen? Sure. But once you get sun damage from not wearing sunscreen, it’s super hard if not impossible to reverse without pricey procedures. Sunscreen all the way!


Makeup: Lip Gloss vs. Mascara

This one is especially hard for me because I am a self-proclaimed lip gloss junkie. I can’t even begin to tell you how many I have and how many I buy every time I go to any sort of beauty store, but … it’s a lot. And yet, I’d still have to choose mascara. Why? Well, one simple reason: face masks. There is literally no point in wearing my lip glosses any more because I’m always wearing face masks whenever I have to go out. Wearing mascara, however, makes my eyes look a bit bigger and brighter. Since that’s the only part of my face that anyone in public is seeing for the foreseeable future, it’s the only right answer!

Let me know what beauty staples you would choose in the comments!


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