How to Turn Your #WFH Beauty Routine Into a Mini Spa Day Every Day

How to Turn Your #WFH Beauty Routine Into a Mini Spa Day Every Day


It’s one of the ways many psychologists and psychiatrists are saying is an effective method of coping with working from home and staying indoors during this time of quarantine. And honestly, I have to agree with them.

Keeping up with my routine, which includes waking up in the morning and doing a 20- or 30-minute Peloton ride, showering, doing my skin care routine, and making my coffee really sets me up to not only feel a tad more productive but feel more human, more alive during this time.

Before all of this happened, my a.m. and p.m. skin care routines were very basic. I’ve been using the same products for months, using the same steps for a year or so. But now, I feel it is the time to really bust out the luxury and elegance and all the fancy beauty things we want to do because … hey, we have the time! Why not? Let’s talk about all the ways I’ve been adding a bit of extra-ness to my daily WFH beauty routine.

It’s time to really bust out the luxury and elegance and all the fancy beauty things we want to do because … hey, we have the time!


Masking in the Shower

One of my favorite ways to make my shower feel a tad more indulgent is to use a face mask. And by face mask, I mean any type—a clay face mask, a hydrating face mask, a sheet mask even! Showers are already incredibly therapeutic for me, but something about wearing a hydrating mask (and multitasking skin/body care) really makes me feel like Beyoncé. My current favorite mask to use is the Origins Hello Calm mask. It smells JUST like a spa. Swoon!


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Facial Massages

Instead of just slapping on your products and going, try to incorporate some facial massage into your routine. I don’t know about you, but I hold a lot of tension in my eyes and jaw, so taking the time each morning and night to massage my products into my skin really helps decrease my anxiety. If you have a gua sha or a jade roller, this is also the time to use it to massage your facial oils into your skin, or use throughout the day whenever you start to feel your jaw muscles tighten.


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Use the Special Occasion Products You’ve Been Saving

We all have that sheet mask or special product that we’ve been saving until just the right moment. For me, that’s my stash of SK-II masks and a precious half bottle of Biologique Recherche Lotion P50. During my nighttime routine, I’ve been using up my P50 and putting on an SK-II sheet mask, and honestly, it’s made my life (and my skin) so much better. When I’m winding down from my workday by playing video games or reading the latest Samantha Irby book, it feels really nice to add that little extra step of indulgence to my routine.



Do Your Makeup

I have to admit, I was team #nomakeupduringquarantine for the first three-and-a-half weeks. I just literally couldn’t be bothered. As a writer, I don’t have daily Zoom meetings, and the only people who saw me were the occasional grocery store clerk and my boyfriend. I just didn’t see the point.



But then one day, I just had an itch to play in my makeup and what do you know — seeing myself all made up (even though I’m wearing Lululemon shorts and a tank top) really made a difference. I instantly felt more put together, more like myself. And when I mean makeup, I don’t mean a full beat-down face — just a little foundation, some concealer under the eyes, a bit of product combed through the brows, blush, and mascara. It takes me about seven minutes and makes me feel better all day long.

I’d love to know what your WFH beauty routine looks like. Share in the comments!


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