I Had to Try the Tree Hut Scrub Going Viral on TikTok—Is It Worth the Hype?

I Had to Try the Tree Hut Scrub Going Viral on TikTok—Is It Worth the Hype?

I don’t know if you’ve realized it, but TikTok is powerful. Take, for instance, the newest food trend—baked feta pasta. It is practically impossible to find feta in stores now, all thanks to the power of TikTok. Or the Maybelline New York’s New Mascara, which has sold out nationwide FOUR times and is also impossible to find in stores.

I haven’t jumped on too many TikTok trends because I don’t like to be hyped up and disappointed, but as soon as I saw the Tree Hut Scrubs that are the backbone of ShowerTok videos, I just knew I HAD to have them. Little did I know it would take me an entire afternoon, trips to four different stores (don’t worry, I’m double-masked up!), and hours scouring Walmart.com, CVS.com, Ulta.com, and Amazon.com trying to find these elusive scrubs. Was it worth it?

Short answer: yes. Long answer: also yes. Allow me to explain.

As soon as I saw the Tree Hut Scrubs, I just knew I HAD to have them. Little did I know how long it would take me to find these elusive scrubs.


What Is the Tree Hut Scrub?

So, what are Tree Hut Scrubs exactly? Well, Tree Hut is an American-born, drugstore body care brand that specializes in body scrubs, body butters, Epsom salt blends, lip care products, and shaving oils and creams. Most of the products in the brand’s collection are 10 bucks and under, making them super appealing to Gen-Z TikTokers and money-savvy millennials alike. And for that extremely affordable price point, the scrubs actually have a really great ingredient list: Think whole grain sugar, certified organic shea butter, and a ton of good-for-your-skin oils, including sweet almond, avocado, evening primrose, safflower, and orange oil. So not only are they cheap AF but they are actually good for your skin. We love to see it.

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The Search For the Tree Hut Scrub

But since going viral on TikTok, the scrubs are nearly impossible to find. It seems people have been hoarding them in droves, so much so that stores can’t keep them in stock. After going to my local Ulta store to pick up the ONE Coconut Lime and ONE Moroccan Rose scrubs they had left, the salesperson commented, “Wow! People are buying these like crazy. We can’t keep them in stock. You’re lucky you got these!”

I replied, “Yeah … they’re going viral on TikTok. I haven’t been able to find them anywhere!”

“TikTok? Really? Wow. I had no idea. I wonder if our corporate team knows. I don’t think they do, otherwise they’d order more in our stores.”

“Girl, I know. I’m trying to see what the hype is about.”

And let me tell you. The hype is REAL.

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Why the Scrub Is So Good

Like I mentioned earlier, the Tree Hut scrubs are made with whole grain sugar, not the tiny little particles you might find in order drugstore scrubs. This makes the exfoliation power quite intense, almost like you are scrubbing away a layer of dirt from your skin (in a going-to-the-Korean-spa-and-getting-a-scrub kinda way, not a bad painful way). And because they’re also formulated with shea butter and all the various oils, when you rinse it off, your skin is silky smooth.

When I first used it, I audibly gasped in the shower as the scrub just melted away my dry, winter skin and transformed it into something that I haven’t felt in YEARS. Soft, silky, smooth—and best of all, sexy. Considering I haven’t felt sexy in at least a year due to slubbing it in sweats/PJs everyday due to COVID-19, this scrub has been a miracle worker in more ways than one. It’s self-care in the true sense of self-care—not just buying something in the hope that it’ll make me happy, but the product actually does make me feel better about myself in a way that other things haven’t. I feel like I’m truly loving and nurturing myself, and honestly, isn’t that what we all want? Especially during *these times*.

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How to Use the Scrub

I like to first use a bar soap to cleanse myself, then use the scrub all over my body, starting with my legs and moving upward towards my chest, using gentle circular motions to rub the scrub over my skin. I rinse clean, then follow up with a creamy body wash and a body oil for even more hydration.

If you’re going for a true ShowerTok routine, you’ll want enough scrubs to coordinate with your scent of the day (if you can find them, that is)—Coconut Lime when you’re feeling a flirty, tropical moment, Tahitian Vanilla Bean when you wanna smell like a sexy cookie, or my fave Morccocan Rose, which I want to bottle and spray on myself all day long.

So, have you tried the Tree Hut Scrubs? What is your favorite body scrub? Let me know in the comments!


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