5 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s in a Pandemic

5 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s in a Pandemic

Due to the rising number of COVID-19 cases across the country, Valentine’s Day during a year like this requires a lot more creativity than usual, just as the holidays we celebrated in the last three months did. While restaurants and other social spots may be open and doing business, there’s still a certain amount of risk involved when taking part in these activities. The good thing is that we’ve all had quite a bit of practice at adapting to changing circumstances and making the most of what we have access to, and so there are a few options to consider as you plan a safe Valentine’s Day celebration in a pandemic.


Let Love Bloom

Flowers are a time-honored classic for demonstrating love and affection for any occasion. If your valentine loves flowers, order an arrangement of their favorite blossoms to arrive on V-Day. Flowers are a great gift because they linger for days after the celebration. Every time they catch your partner’s attention or their fragrance is scented in the air, it will be a reminder of the nice Valentine’s Day you had together. Don’t forget to show some love to your local florist as well by helping to keep them in business.

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Straight From the Heart

Write a cute love note detailing all the little ways their presence makes your life better and leave it in a spot for them to find as soon as they wake up that morning. Employ the use of a punny card if humor is an important aspect of your relationship, or just pick some nice stationery and get to waxing lyrical. If you have the time, you could also design a photo book of moments from your relationship using a service like Love Book or Shutterfly and present it as a heartfelt gift.

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All They Want For Valentine’s Is …

For the lover whose preferred love language is receiving gifts, pick out something that they’d like, with the theme of love in mind. Don’t limit yourself to sensual lingerie and chocolates. Personalized jewelry, matching accessories, keepsake items, and comfy loungewear are also options. Think outside of the box and cast your sights on unique gifts like a scratch-off poster to mark off as your make your way through a list of 100 movies or a memory book for you to chronicle your life together.


Marathon Romance

Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday this year, which is perfect for a full day of indoor activities. Start with a breakfast of heart-shaped waffles and mimosas, move on to a fun activity like painting, stop for an indoor picnic lunch, challenge each other during a creative game, experiment with a new recipe together for dinner, and end with snuggle time on the couch in matching pajamas. With an itinerary like that packed into your day, you’ll hardly have time to miss past Valentine’s Day experiences of dinners and movies, and the day will be even more meaningful because you get to focus on each other.

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If You Must Go Out, Be Safe

A lot of restaurants are coming up with interesting ways to take advantage of outdoor dining in the winter by creating structures in which individual dining parties can enjoy the eatery experience while socially distant from other guests. A restaurant in your area might have pandemic-friendly heated igloos or tents that you can book, so you and your Valentine can enjoy a romantic dinner safely and without sacrificing your extremities to frostbite.

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Unfortunately, not everyone has had the privilege of socially isolating with their partners throughout the pandemic, and so the day will undoubtedly elicit feelings of melancholy for some. If you and your sweetheart are separated by distance this Valentine’s Day, you can still create a bit of magic. For instance, you could order flowers from local florists for delivery to their address, send gifts via mail, have a virtual watch party together, and even enjoy a romantic dinner via video chat. Find things that you both love and create a meaningful day out of them.

How do you plan on spending Valentine’s in a pandemic?


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