Try Something New This Summer: Makeup That Makes a Statement

Try Something New This Summer: Makeup That Makes a Statement

In all of the big and wide beauty world, makeup is the area where I am least likely to stray out of my comfort zone. Funny, right? It’s the least permanent way to alter my appearance, yet it intimidates me beyond belief to try new trends.

Twenty-twenty-one is the year that I’m changing this about myself! I might not be able to recreate the complicated beauty YouTuber tutorials, but I can definitely hop on board with the new summer makeup trends that are happening in the post-vax Real World.

Here are three bold summer makeup trends that we can all try together this year!


1. Brushed-up Brows

I’ve seen some beauty magazines call this the “no-makeup makeup” look for brows, but don’t worry. This isn’t a “buy 10 products and spend 45 minutes making it seem like you woke up like this” trend.

If you have dark or full brows already, you’re pretty much already on-trend. Just clean them up and use the soap brows trick to brush them up into a perfectly fluffy shape.

For the rest of us, brushed-up brows take just a couple more steps. You’ll start by brushing them up with a comb or spoolie, then underline them to give them some natural definition. Fill them in as needed, then give them one final brush-up with the spoolie to soften and blend everything. If your brows are unruly like mine, I recommend using a brow mascara or another setting trick to keep them in place throughout the day.

If you’re feeling a super-minimalist look, you can skip the extra steps and go straight to brushing up your brows with a tinted gel or brow mascara! I love a good “one and done” makeup trick.


2. Natural Skin Texture (aka Transparent Makeup)

I don’t think that the allure of Snapchat and Instagram filters will ever die (even I’m guilty of admiring how flawless my skin looks with them!). Still, thankfully the beauty industry is starting to move away from unrealistically pore-free models.

This year, there has been a definite shift toward embracing your natural texture. We’ve seen it with hair for a while (which I’m also here for!). We’ve also started to see some models and influencers pushing back against the absurd, unattainable beauty standards. However, this is the first time we’re seeing a widespread trend of working with your natural skin texture.

This means that full-coverage, caked-on base makeup is out, and lightweight, skincare-esque makeup is in. I’ve seen more tinted moisturizers, serum foundations, and natural-looking concealers in the beauty aisle. These are perfect for creating sheer layers that can mask subtle imperfections without hiding your natural skin tone.

While I think that we should all be striving for healthy skin, I know that some texture is inevitable. I’m glad that the younger generations are getting to experience being beautiful with textured skin instead of being told (like we were) that they can be beautiful despite having visible bumps, pores, and texture.

Fingers crossed this trend is here to stay!


3. Graphic Eyes

We’ve all seen the intense, highly artistic eye looks that some makeup artists and YouTube beauty influencers create. Up until this summer, though, I never really expected to see such bold, graphic eye makeup just out on the street.


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Apparently, we’re really going all-in when it comes to serving up some post-COVID makeup looks! Bold, geometric, colorful eyes that remind me of pop art or comic book-style art are among the biggest makeup trends I’ve seen for the summer.

A lot of these looks involve color blocking, utilizing negative space, highlighting with neon white liner, and (of course) plenty of bright, intense color.

My eyeshadow game is pretty basic, so I’m not sure if I’m up to the challenge of recreating these amazing looks, but if you’re feeling inspired, there are so many ways to make this trend your own!

What do you think about these summer makeup trends? Will you try them out? Are there other trends that I didn’t mention? Let’s chat in the comments!


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