Surviving an Outdoor Gathering — in Masks! — in the Summer of COVID-19

Surviving an Outdoor Gathering — in Masks! — in the Summer of COVID-19

It’s been approximately four months since the reality of the pandemic kicked in for the people in this country, and as much as some of us would like to believe that we could stay indoors and isolate for however long is necessary, it’s hard to completely abandon routines for a long period. It gets particularly harder to social distance completely now that it’s summer.

On a nice day, the parks and trails call to us, and we yearn for the days gone by when we picnicked and partied at outdoor gatherings with our friends and loved ones. Just as certain businesses have started to re-open after careful consideration and implementation of safety measures, people are starting to revisit social outings.

It can be scary to think about an outdoor gathering with other people right now, especially as cases continue to spike in certain states. It isn’t time to let our guard down completely, but it is possible to interact with others socially, as long as you exercise caution. I recently attended a socially-distanced baby shower and hope that my experience will help you figure out how you can stay safe while you venture out.

It can be scary to think about being out among other people right now. But while it isn’t time to let our guard down, it is possible to interact with others socially. 


Be Prepared

The first step is to, of course, ensure that the people you will be attending a socially-distanced event have been employing safety measures in the weeks and months leading up to said event. A good rule is to only plan meetups with folks who you know intimately, like friends and family, as there is a higher chance that you would have been keeping in touch with them throughout the pandemic and know what their attitudes towards safety are. If you’re not familiar with all the guests, you should at least know the host well enough to have faith in their precautionary measures, or check-in beforehand to learn how prepared they are. It’s not a bad thing to be cautious right now, so ask questions to ensure your safety if you need to.


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The baby shower I attended was held in a park, and so there was ample space to spread out. The group was limited to 12 attendees, including the expectant parents. Guests were asked to bring their own blankets or chairs, as well as water. The food was pre-packaged in single servings, and handed out carefully to avoid portions being touched by anyone other than the individual who was going to eat it. For drinks, since guests were mostly in pairs, a bottle of Cava was provided for each. That way, one household could drink from a single bottle instead of one bottle being poured out for multiple guests. Along with bottles of water and a picnic blanket, I took some hand sanitizer and wipes to ensure that my hands stayed clean, and of course, some sunscreen to reapply when I needed to.


Make It Last

It gets pretty humid in my state in the summer, and if your makeup isn’t set properly, it could come sliding down your face 20 minutes after you step outside. Combined with the fact that I would be wearing a mask at the outdoor gathering, I knew I had to take extra care with my makeup.



The right primer can make a world of difference when it comes to staying power, and so sometimes you have to switch it up to get the results you want. For occasions like these, my primer of choice is the Embryolisse Lait Crème Concentré, a creamy multitasker that can be used not only as a primer but as a makeup remover and moisturizer as well. Placed over the last product in your routine, the Lait Crème Concentré dries down to a mattified finish without being drying, which is perfect for those with skin on the drier side. Whenever I use this product under foundation and concealer, my makeup stays put the whole time, with no creasing in my smile lines and no oil slicks. The weather on the day of the shower was really balmy and it was a bit of a walk from the car to the spot we were gathering in. I was prepared to touch up my face when we sat down, but the Lait Crème Concentré had my back, and everything was still perfect when I took off my mask.

I would also advise skipping the heavy layers. Stick to concealer to highlight and cover blemishes, bronzer, and maybe highlighter. Leave the foundation for a different time. All the hot, humid air that is trapped between the mask and your face is a perfect setting for bacteria to flourish. A heavy layer of makeup won’t help matters. Lighter is better right now, not only with makeup but with skin care as well. Let your skin “breathe.” Since your eyes will be the star of the show, feel free to be as colorful and intricate with your eyeshadow and liner as you would like.


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And Finally, Enjoy Yourself

We all sat more than six feet apart, enjoying the fresh air and verdant view. It was nice and peaceful in our little corner, so I could have conversations with my neighbors without having to move closer and risk potential exposure. Everyone had their masks on when they weren’t eating and seemed to be exercising the appropriate level of caution for the situation. It was a successful, socially-distant baby shower, where I could enjoy the change of scenery without feeling anxious about my safety.

I’m starting to believe that the reason why infection rates are still as bad as they are in some places is because for every group like ours that exercises caution, there are five others that act irresponsibly, congregating in large numbers without a care. That said, it’s important for those of us who have been careful to continue acting in that manner, and hope that others will begin to do the same. We’re all in this together, after all.


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