Try Something New This Summer: Hair Trends to Update Your Look

Try Something New This Summer: Hair Trends to Update Your Look

If ever there was a time to take the plunge and do something bold with your hair, post-vax summer is it! Most of us haven’t even gotten a haircut since the pandemic started, so, if you’re like me, your hairdresser has plenty to work with.

Whether you want to combine all of these popular summer hair trends into something wild and amazing, or you just want something that’s a little more fun than your usual ’do, why not try one of these summer hair trends?


1. Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are a hair trend I am 100 percent here for this summer. I’m currently rocking a curly fringe bang, but I think I’m going to go for some curtain bangs when they start to grow out!


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This is a summer trend that basically any hair type can try. Stylists say that it’s pretty universally flattering, especially since the bangs can be cut and styled into just about any shape you want. I’ve even seen them called “gateway bangs” because they can be pinned back or to the side if you’re not feeling them, or they can be cut into a thicker, more committed “statement” bang.

I think that if you’re on the fence, you should do it! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


2. The “Wolf Cut”

So, you know how mullets are making an unfortunate (in my opinion) comeback? Well, you can think of the wolf cut as a more textured, less harsh mullet. I probably won’t try this one out on my hair, but I have seen some gorgeous wolf cuts!

@daniellemarcanhad a breakdown so i got a wolf cut #wolfcut #mullet #haircut♬ good 4 u – Olivia Rodrigo

As with all new trends lately, this one got popular on TikTok. The basic idea is to achieve a shaggier, more voluminous mullet without all of the top-only shortness that mullets tend to give. I’ve seen a lot of TikTok users DIY’ing this with the “one-minute mullet trick,” but I think going to a salon might be best if you’re worried about ending up with an actual mullet.


3. Natural Texture

The movement to embrace your natural hair texture isn’t new. In fact, it’s the foundation of the Curly Girl movement. But this trend is about more than just being proud of your curls! It’s also about celebrating any waves, kinks, cowlicks, and “woke up like this” hair textures you might have. I’ve seen some magazines call it the “anti-blowout,” and I like that!


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Instead of heat styling or spending tons of time crafting the perfectly coiffed look, this summer is all about shag, texture, and going with the flow. Thickening sprays, texture balms, and air-drying are the name of the game this summer, regardless of what your hair type is.

The trick here is to find a couple of styling products that work well for your specific hair type! Once you hit on a winning combo, styling your hair will be easy peasy.


4. Pops of Ginger

I’ve been a redhead of varying hues since 2009, and I can tell you with certainty that redheads do, in fact, have the most fun. (Sorry, blondes.)

Other than the peekaboo color trend, the other hot summer hair trend is to add some ginger spice to your life! Whether you go for hot red, true ginger, strawberry blonde, or even a little rose gold, that pop of red is the way to go.

You can go wild and do all-over red (trust me, it’s fun!), or you can start small with a few peekaboo pieces of red in your natural color. If you’re on the fence, you can always ask your stylist for a red gloss to add depth, sheen, and just a little hint of red without the commitment of keeping up fresh color! (Glosses are temporary and wash out after a few weeks.)


Bonus: Color and Styling Tips

DIY ginger

Did you know that you can DIY that fresh pop of ginger? It’s pretty easy to do, especially if you’re just looking for a temporary fix. I mentioned asking your stylist for a red gloss (which is always an option!), but you can also shop brands like Overtone or Madison Reed for colors that will work with whatever your base color is.

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Fake that texture

I have plenty of friends who have naturally pin-straight hair, so I know that it can be hard to get lasting texture.

First, if your hair is naturally very straight, I recommend asking your stylist about choppy layers! That automatically adds dimension and movement to your hair. Plus, the more layers you have to work with, the more chances you have to fake some waves!


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Don’t be afraid to gel, balm, twist, and roll your wet hair with T-shirt strips, curlers or clips. Even if it looks a little crazy when you first shake it out, you can finger-comb and piece it out into a shaggy “totally woke up this way” hairdo.


Have a Fun and Funky Summer

If you haven’t gotten that post-quarantine hair handled yet, then now is the perfect time to reemerge from your COVID cocoon with a bold new look for summer!


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