Summer Chafing: 3 Ways to Stop the Rub & Glide Through Summer

Summer Chafing: 3 Ways to Stop the Rub & Glide Through Summer

When I think of summer, a few things come to mind:

  • Dining al fresco
  • Rosé slushies
  • Days at the beach
  • Reading by the pool
  • Chafing

As you might have been able to tell, one of these things is definitely not like the others. Summer chafing is truly the bane of my existence—so much so that I rarely wore dresses, skirts, or shorts because by the end of the day my inner thighs would be so chafed that they started to blister, and then I couldn’t walk anywhere for a few days. I basically lived in lightweight leggings and longer biker shorts because I just couldn’t deal with the pain and hassle of wearing cute dresses and skirts.

But those days are long gone because I’ve finally found a few products that make my inner thigh chafing much more bearable. Want to know more? Read on!

Summer chafing is the bane of my existence. I rarely wore skirts because by the end of the day my inner thighs would be so chafed that they started to blister.


Lush Silky Underwear Powder

Every summer, I buy at least five bottles of the Lush Silky Underwear Powder. It is a literal godsend. It’s formulated with cornstarch and kaolin clay to keep you dry (perfect for these insanely hot days we’ve been having in Georgia), plus it smells like a dream, thanks to Jasmine absolute. I like to sprinkle it in between and underneath my breasts and my inner thighs. Like the name implies, it has a super silky feel, so instead of your legs constantly rubbing against each other, they slide/glide, thanks to its smooth texture.

My only complaint is the packaging. I wish it a) came in a bigger size so I didn’t have to buy five at a time, and b) came in a shaker bottle, and not a lotion cap bottle. It makes the product a tad bit hard to dispense, but otherwise, it’s perfect!


Monistat Care Chafing Relief Powder Gel

I first heard of this product waaaayyyyyy back in the day when YouTube beauty gurus were using it as a makeup primer. I never used it as a primer (and please, don’t use it as a primer!), but as an anti-chafing gel, it’s pretty near perfect. It goes on like a very lightweight gel, with a very similar feel to a silicone primer, but then it dries down to a powdery soft, silky finish. Your legs literally glide against each other!

I find that this product lasts a bit longer than the Lush Silky Underwear Powder, and it’s a cinch to toss in your bag and reapply if necessary. When I want an extra dose of protection and a lovely scent, I like to top this with a little bit of the Lush powder.  You can also use it on your breasts, inside your elbows, behind your knees, or anywhere you get super sweaty or are prone to heat rash and chafing.


Megababe Thigh Rescue

The Megababe Thigh Rescue is the perfect anti-chafing product for women on the go. It looks like a stick of deodorant, so you can just toss it in your bag and reapply whenever necessary. I bought a few and kept one in my purse, and back when the gyms were open, one in my gym bag.

Notable ingredients include aloe to soothe and cool your skin, grapeseed oil to firm your skin, pomegranate seed extract that protects the outer layer of your skin, and orange oil to give you much needed relief from the inflammation chafing causes. It has a wonderful creamy texture that makes it easy to apply, and it dries down to a silky smooth, nearly invisible film.


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How do you combat chafing during the summer? Let me know in the comments!


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