Why You Should Be Sheet Masking in the Shower

Why You Should Be Sheet Masking in the Shower

I don’t know about y’all, but as soon as winter set in here in Atlanta, my skin went nuts. My skin is already going through its “entering-my-mid-30s-so-I’m-gonna-get-dry” phase, but now with the cold weather and the near 24/7 whir of my heater, my skin has gone from sort of dry to full-blown OMG I’M DRY.

One evening after a workout, my skin felt especially dry and tight, almost to the point where it had started to get a little itchy and irritated. I’m gonna tell you now: sweat + towel + already dry skin is truly a recipe for disaster. As I started to wash my face in the sink before my shower, I had a pretty brilliant idea.

“Sheryll, you have a ton of sheet masks you need to start using ASAP. Why don’t you start wearing them in the shower after your workouts? That way, you use up all the masks you want to use, plus you can multitask your skincare routine in the shower!”

“Wow! You’re brilliant. This seems like a good idea … but are you sure that’s a thing you can do? Like it wouldn’t hurt your skin in any way, right?”

(And yes, if you’re wondering if I have whole conversations with myself in my head, you’d be correct. I know I’m not the only person who does this!)

So began my search. I googled “sheet mask in shower,” and apparently I am not the only one who is a genius because many other people have had the same idea as me. Even though my brilliant idea wasn’t a new concept, I was definitely reassured that I was onto something special.


How to Do It

So I applied toner and put on a sheet mask and hopped in the shower. I made sure to close my door so the bathroom got super steamy as well. Then, I did all my necessary shower things, including shaving and using a pumice stone on my feet. I made sure to choose a mask I knew wouldn’t slip and slide all over the place—the Leaders 7 Wonders Amazonian Acai Revitalizing Mask, made with bio-cellulose material that really grips your face. I’d say I had the mask on for about 15 minutes in total.

sheet mask in shower

When I finally removed the sheet mask and tapped my face to spread around the rest of the essence, the entire core of my being was *shook*. My skin literally felt like butter. Like a baby’s butt. Like a cloud pillow. My face felt so soft and nourished that I thought I’d finished the rest of my skincare routine. I vowed right then and there I was going to mask every day in the shower for the rest … of time.


Why Is Sheet Masking in the Shower So Good?

So what is it about the shower and the sheet mask that make such an iconic duo? Well, there aren’t any concrete studies, but it’s thought that the steam and heat from the shower allow the serum/essence from the mask to penetrate the skin easier, allowing more product into the skin and softening it from the inside out. Cool right?

I also noticed that my other skincare products seemed to layer on my skin more easily, too. But the best part was when I woke up in the morning, instead of my skin feeling tight and dry like it had been, my skin still felt soft and hydrated—almost like I’d made a little protective cocoon that trapped in all the moisture and hydration. And visibly, my skin looked much more plump, dewy, and just overall healthier.

I’ve since been sheet masking in the shower almost every night and can say wholeheartedly that my skin has done a 180. I can’t believe that something so simple is so effective! If you have any sheet masks you gotta use up before they expire, this is the best way, IMO.

Have you ever sheet masked in the shower? Let me know in the comments!


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