Too Cold to Mask? Here Are 4 Genius Ways to Sheet Mask When It’s Chilly Outside

Too Cold to Mask? Here Are 4 Genius Ways to Sheet Mask When It’s Chilly Outside

I’ve always enjoyed the fact that sheet masks cool my face down, even when it’s cold outside. I think that I must be in the minority though, because most of my friends complain about how hard it is to mask when it’s cold.

Apparently, some people think that a cold sheet mask is slimy and unpleasant. Weird.

Anyway, I’m a pretty solution-oriented person, so when my friends have a problem, I like to try to solve it if I can.

I’ve come up with a few solutions to the “it’s too cold to sheet mask” problem, and I’m told they all work pretty well, so I’m going to share them with you guys too!


1. Silicone Sheet Mask Covers

The first solution is an oldie but a goodie. Obviously, I’m not the first person to make this suggestion, but since it’s an easy and reliable option, onto the list it goes!

The original purpose of silicone sheet mask covers is actually supposed to be to keep the essence from evaporating as quickly so that you get more benefit from the mask. I can’t really say whether or not that part works, but I DO know that they keep your face from getting as cold.

Most people like this Daiso one, but I’ve tried a few, and they’re all pretty much the same. You just put on your sheet mask, pop the cover on top of it, and secure the loops behind your ears! It keeps the moisture in and the cold out.


2. Shower Masking

Hear me out. You’ve heard of shower drinking, right? Okay, this is basically the same, except you’re masking instead of boozing. (Theoretically, you could combine shower wine with shower sheet masks—just grab a straw! YOLO!)

sheet mask cold

Just wash your face beforehand, and put on your sheet mask. The warm, steamy shower will keep the mask from freezing your face off, and you’ll get all of the benefits of sheet masking. This is especially great for days that you have to wash your hair or shave your legs since you’ll be in the shower longer.

In case you’re wondering, I’ve heard mixed results about bath masking. I think your bathroom has to get pretty warm and steamy for that to work, otherwise your face still ends up getting cold.


3. DIY Mask Warmer

If my first two tricks aren’t really your style, fear not. I have many solutions in my Mary Poppins bag.

First of all, they do actually make dedicated face mask warmers, so if you’re into that, go for it!

Personally, I’ve figured out a couple of DIY warming tricks that work just fine. I’m pretty sure I’m not the first person to come up with these ideas, but they do work!

– The Laptop Trick: Set your sheet mask under your laptop for five to 10 minutes (just be sure not to block the fan!), and it’ll be pleasantly toasty when you put it on.

– The Booty Warmer: This is the one I usually do if I want a warm mask. Just stick the sheet mask under your thigh for about 10 minutes or so, and voilà. Free heat.

– The Baby Wipe Warmer: Honestly, I never knew how great wipe warmers were until my baby niece arrived a few years ago. Turns out, those little warmers are perfect for stashing a few sheet masks in! I would definitely recommend this over the dedicated mask warmer thing because you can also put makeup remover wipes or sanitizing wipes in them, too.


4. Foil Masks

Did I save the best tip for last? Yes, yes I did.

I used to scoff at foil masks (usually marketed as “steam” or “sauna” masks) because I thought they were gimmicky, and I assumed they would feel stiff and crappy (like putting actual foil over a mask).

Man, I was so wrong. A good foil mask is seriously my favorite thing ever. The foil part 100 percent keeps your face warm (like the coziest baked potato), and the masks basically just don’t dry out. Seriously, I forgot I was wearing one while I watched a three-hour movie, and it still wasn’t dry by the end of it.

My personal favorite line of foil masks is the Mediheal Air Packing Wrap Mask. They come in a few different variations, and I love them all. The foil is soft and pliable, and the mask material underneath is perfectly stretchy and comfy. My skin is always so happy after I use one of these!


How Do You Mask When It’s Cold?

I know there are probably other tricks I haven’t thought of yet! Do you have other ways to keep your nose from freezing off when you sheet mask in the winter? Tell me how you mask when it’s cold in the comments below!


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