Vaxed & Ready to Relax? Try These Safer Summer Vacation Alternatives

Vaxed & Ready to Relax? Try These Safer Summer Vacation Alternatives

You might be vaxed, waxed, and ready to relax, but you might also still feel a little wary of vacationing as you would have in The Before Times. Trust me, I feel you on this. I still wear a mask out in public, and I’m not planning on going to any packed concerts anytime soon.

Since everything is starting to open back up, and most businesses are operating normally now, the good news is that we at least have the vacation option now! I was able to spend a glorious week at the beach in a rental house with my fully vaccinated family, and we felt totally safe the whole time.

If you’re as ready to get out of your house as I was, just know that you have options. You might not be prepared to crash in a Myrtle Beach motel just yet, but there are plenty of safer ways to do summer vacation.

You might be vaxed, waxed, and ready to relax, but you might also feel wary of vacationing as you would have pre-pandemic. So here, some safer summer vacation ideas.


Not Ready For Disney Crowds? Get Your Adrenaline Rush Elsewhere!

Even though Disney has done a fantastic job of making the parks and lodgings as safe as possible for guests, it’s completely understandable to be a little gun shy about spending days packed into amusement park rides with strangers.

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Why not try taking your thrill-seeking, roller coaster-loving family to do something like skydiving or ziplining instead? These activities are exciting and more one-on-one in nature, so there’s less chance of being stuck in a massive group of people. Plus, the adventure of trying something new means you’ll have fun memories and stories to tell for years to come.


Skip the Flight to a Tropical Paradise and Rent a Beach House!

I mentioned earlier that my family rented a beach house for our week-long vacation, and it’s honestly my favorite way to do a big trip. They can be a bit pricey, especially during the summer season, so it’s easiest to split the cost with friends and family if you can. However, there are tons of smaller condos and highly rated Airbnbs if you want to take off by yourself or with a friend.

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You can try driving to a beach you’ve never visited before as another way to add excitement and adventure to your trip.


Not Ready to Backpack Through Europe? Go Glamping Instead!

I’m as ready as you are to be able to take an international trip and feel safe about it, but I don’t think that’s in the cards for me this year. If you’re in the same boat, you might feel a little discouraged, and I understand that! I’m not always great at thinking outside of the box when I can’t do what I want to do, but in this case, I have a pretty good set of alternatives!

First, why not rent an RV for a week? (Or a month. Or three months. Or forever. You do you.) I’ve never been on a long, meandering road trip, but I’ve always thought it sounded like fun. I think that this first post-pandemic summer would be the perfect time to grab a friend or partner and take a trip to somewhere new. No planes, no motels, no crowds … it sounds like the ideal way to unwind and make new memories.

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You can also try glamping! I’m more of an indoor cat, so I’m not a big fan of pitching a tent and sleeping outside, but I would give glamping a try. Glamping is a lovely intersection of creature comforts (hello bathrooms) and experiencing nature, which seems like an excellent compromise for someone like me. The nice thing about glamping sites (aka “glampgrounds”) is that you can typically choose your level of luxury.

If you have the time and desire, you can even combine your RV road trip with a glamping experience! Who’s ready to rent an RV with me?


How Are You Going to Vacation This Summer?

I only mentioned a few alternative vacation ideas, but I’m sure that there are plenty more that I didn’t even think of! If you’re like me and not quite ready to reenter crowded spaces just yet, what are your vacation plans? Tell me about them in the comments so that we can all have more fun, safe alternatives to traditional summer vacation plans.


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