The 6 Do’s & Don’ts of At-Home Skin Care in the Age of Quarantine

The 6 Do’s & Don’ts of At-Home Skin Care in the Age of Quarantine

It’s no secret that most of us have a bit more time on our hands than we normally do, and I think it’s quite natural to want to find ways to use our free time to feel productive and look after ourselves. It’s not exactly the happiest of times, so creating a little bit of joy in your day can go a long way. If you’re anything like me, that’s going to involve a lot of baking, TV, and skin care, and judging by what I’m seeing on social media, I’m definitely not alone.

My extended pampering routine that’s normally reserved for a weekend has morphed into a much more common routine, and I do get a sense of community when I’ve got a face mask on and everyone else is posting about their quarantine skin care routines and spa nights that they’re having at home.

That being said, I’ve seen a whole segment of people determined to give themselves pretty intense facials at home, and even promoting to their followers that they can get the same results that they would in a spa if they just buy this tool and that product and do everything themselves. The truth of the matter is, I’m not an aesthetician and it’s highly unlikely that you are either. It’s like trying to give yourself a massage—it can kind of work, but you really need another person who knows what they’re doing to work on you.

I’ve seen a whole segment of people determined to give themselves pretty intense facials at home. It’s like trying to give yourself a massage—it can kind of work, but you really need another person who knows what they’re doing.

So here’s what I think, in my humble opinion, you should and should not do to up your skin care game during self-quarantine.


1. Don’t Order a Whole New Routine

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been scrolling through every shopping app and website possible, and the slew of sales that beauty websites are having can make this a very tempting time to order a whole new “upgraded” quarantine skin care routine.

Please don’t. If you add a bunch of new products into your routine all at once, and if something doesn’t agree with your skin, you’ll have no way of knowing what set your skin off. You’ll just be out money with an irritated face.


2. Do Try New Things Slowly

I’ve definitely made some purchases during my extended time at home, and if you’re in a place to do so, feel free to try out a new product you’ve been curious about for a while or snag something that’s new and exciting. Just go slow and try things one at a time so you can really see if your new investment is doing what you expect it to.


3. Don’t Feel Like You Need Skin Care Tools

If the internet is correct, a lot of people are ordering things like derma rollers or LED treatment devices, largely due to a lot of influencers claiming that these devices are exactly what you find in spas and that you can just give yourself these treatments at home. The devices are rarely the same, and again, chances are you, like me, are not an aesthetician. Without the training required for a license, along with the real-life experience of giving hundreds if not thousands of facials, this is not something you can replace with a YouTube tutorial.


4. Do Maximize What You Have

You would be surprised at the difference you can see in your skin by being more conscious about how you’re using your existing products. My big discovery last year was how much truly taking your time cleansing your skin can make a big difference. I was using the same cleansing oil/balm and same cleanser, but taking the time to give myself a facial massage during cleansing helped get my pores cleaner and therefore made them look smaller, brightened up my complexion and made my skin feel super smooth. I’ll delve more into that at a later time, but my point is, you don’t need a million gadgets to pamper your skin.


5. Don’t Give Yourself a “Professional” Peel

This is the big one, y’all.I’m seeing way too many people using these facial peels that contain super high amounts of exfoliating ingredients like glycolic, salicylic, and lactic acid. Some of the bottles I’m seeing online literally say “for professional use only,” and I’m able to buy them for some reason. Please do not go out and get these insanely concentrated peels because these intense treatments with double digit percentages of acids (we’re talking up to 40 to 50 percent in some cases) should be monitored very closely by an esthetician and have to be applied and removed properly. If they sit on your skin for even 10 seconds too long, that could be a one-way ticket to the emergency room for chemical burns on your face. If I’m freaking you out, good. Do not mess with these at home.


6. Do Eat and Sleep Well

I’ve been having serious difficulties sleeping since all of this has started, and if you’re like me, the first week (or three) of quarantine turned into an extended wine and snack binge that I haven’t seen the likes of since I was in college. Needless to say, I was looking pretty dull and tired despite my skin care efforts. You cannot out-face mask a lack of nutritious food and restful sleep. In general, but especially during these times, do the best you can to look after your basic needs before thinking some “revolutionary” product is going to change your skin. Drink some water, take a little stroll, and eat some veggies, y’all. It’ll do you a lot of good.


  1. I haaaaaate the cleansing part of my routine (I dunno why, but god I loathe standing at the sink trying to wash off the day)…but maybe I should try sucking it up and not rushing through it. XD

    1. I have to say, I’m not a “I love cleansing it’s so soothing” person either. I also don’t love cleaning the house, so maybe it’s just a general personality trait. But if I compare it to my love of organizing (so cathartic, so soothing!), then I can see how some people would love cleansing.

      1. Ah that’s a good point. I don’t mind cleaning my house (mostly for the payoff of everything smelling good), but I do love organizing. That is very cathartic.

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