Quarantine Kitchen: The Best Munchie Recipes For a Theme Night In

Quarantine Kitchen: The Best Munchie Recipes For a Theme Night In

You’ve probably seen at least six (or 60) people in your social media feeds posting pictures of the sourdough bread they’ve baked or the Instant Pot yogurt they’ve whipped up while they’ve been self-quarantined.

I’ll be honest. I love sourdough bread, but I don’t have a lot of interest in baking it. I also don’t have an Instant Pot, so I’ve been branching out and testing some different recipes instead.

In today’s post, I’m going to share some of the fun and delicious recipes that I rediscovered in my bookmarks (because I was ambitiously lying to myself about how I would “totally make this!” three years ago). I’m going to group these recipes by theme, but obviously you can make them for any occasion. Like, you know, because it’s Thursday. Or because you put on pants for the first time in two weeks and you’re feeling festive. Whatever.

You can make these for any occasion. Like, you know, because it’s Thursday. Or because you put on pants for the first time in two weeks. Whatever.


House Party For One

Now that we are classy adults (or at least telling ourselves we are), our house parties need a glow-up, too. I don’t host a lot of parties, but I love making food for them!

Since basically every day is a mandatory house party now, I’ve been pulling out some of my most fun recipes whenever I just really need to escape from the fact that I haven’t been inside of a restaurant since February.

First up on my list? Champagne Jello shots. They’re adorable, tasty and totally fancy, especially if you splurge and get some fun sprinkles (which you should. You deserve it). The recipe I linked calls for unflavored gelatin, but strawberry Jello is great, too.


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Another favorite party food of mine is cheese-stuffed garlic crescent rolls. If I’m taking them as finger food, I make them miniature by halving each crescent dough triangle and cutting the cheese into four pieces instead of two. The recipe calls for several separate seasonings, but I’m all about easy. Pre-mixed Italian seasoning with extra garlic works perfectly well!




For sweets, this cake mix cookie recipe is seriously the best. I’m obsessed with The Domestic Rebel’s desserts because they’re easy and always delicious. This recipe is literally just your favorite box of cake mix, vegetable oil, and whatever cookie mix-ins your heart desires. You get soft, chewy, perfect cookies, and you can even refrigerate the dough and just scoop out one or two cookies at a time.


Movie Night Treats

If I’m going to be watching movies, I need snacks. I’m always here for some extra buttery and salty popcorn, but since my movie theater is currently three steps away from my kitchen, I like to be creative with my treats.

For drinks, lately I’ve been obsessed with making dalgona coffee. I’m pretty sure this is the official drink of the 2020 Coronavirus Quarantine, so you’ve probably at least heard of it. I’m here to tell you that it’s an amazing movie night treat, especially when you put it in a fancy wine glass. You can find the recipe here!



Pro tip: Don’t try to sub the sugar with monk fruit or stevia! I did that once, and I just couldn’t get the same creamy, fluffy whipped texture. Also, vanilla soy milk or chocolate almond milk are both delicious substitutes for regular dairy milk.

For snacks, I love making soft pretzels. Make sure to plan ahead though, because you’ll have to give the dough time to rise! I like to make them extra salty and dip them in queso. Or melted chocolate. Coating them in everything bagel seasoning and dunking them in whipped cream cheese is my second favorite option.


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Cinco de Mayo

It looks like we won’t be getting nachos and margaritas at our favorite Mexican restaurants this year, but I’m certainly not planning to skip out on eating Mexican food!

Since I’m the only one in my house that likes margaritas, I’ve decided that this year I’m going to make a margarita pie instead. I love fluffy, creamy, tart desserts, so I figured this would be perfect.


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Once again, I’m going to send you guys to The Domestic Rebel for her margarita cheesecake pie recipe. I haven’t made this one yet, but I plan to add a little extra lime and a small sprinkle of salt to really get that good margarita flavor. You can add a few tablespoons of tequila to the filling if you want it to be truly boozy!

My Mexican food cravings are never satisfied until there’s some good guacamole. I will put it on basically anything or just eat it with a spoon like a heathen. A friend of mine mentioned recently that she makes her guac with Greek yogurt, and my mind was blown. Guacamole, but make it creamy? Absolutely yes. She just eyeballs her measurements, but this recipe is nearly identical!




I personally add some extra salt, pepper, and a tiny dash of garlic to mine, and if I want spice, I’ll add a teaspoon of minced jalapeño. You can dice everything for a chunky guac, or really mash the avocados and mince the onions and tomatoes for a smoother consistency.


Let’s Have Quarantine Kitchen Adventures Together!

If you try any of these recipes or have suggestions for other recipes, let me know! I’m always looking for something fun to try on the next episode of Quarantine Kitchen.


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