Beauty Porn: 5 Products That Are Too Pretty to Throw Away

Beauty Porn: 5 Products That Are Too Pretty to Throw Away

As a beauty lover, I pile up quite a lot of emptied products in a short amount of time. Usually I only collect these “empties” to share them on my social media channels and then chuck them in the trash or recycling bin pretty unceremoniously. But sometimes … sometimes, I find myself unable to part with those delicate, beautiful jars and bottles from certain brands.

Especially luxury brands often put a lot of thought into their packaging, making them stand out in all their showy, glittery, metallic glory. I know, some people complain that this is just superfluous marketing meant to justify the “luxury” price tag, but I can’t help it—I get such a kick out of cute, pretty, or luxurious beauty products sitting on my vanity. And there is something so pleasing to me to see fancy product packaging neatly arranged on my skincare shelf!

By the way, if you really love a beauty product’s packaging, there are lots of great ways to repurpose or upcycle pretty containers, e.g., use them as plant pots or vases. Especially delicate glass jars and bottles can be repurposed as beautiful and unique home décor! Alternatively, you can keep smaller jars to decant products to either share them with friends or use them once traveling is a thing again.

Packaging may be just superfluous marketing meant to justify a luxury price tag, but it’s so pleasing to see fancy product packaging neatly arranged on my skincare shelf!

Are you a pretty beauty product victim like me? Then let us lust over these five gorgeous packaging gems together!


Literally Every Product From The History of Whoo

This Korean premium brand was created with the express purpose of promoting Korean culture and traditional Korean medicine on a global scale. It even received backing from the Korean government for this mission! Based on Korean herbalism recipes with a history spanning thousands of years, these so-called hanbang products are well worth their money, enriched with high quality herbal extracts such as red ginseng or safflower.

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Not only are the product formulas stunning, The History of Whoo also has some of the most gorgeous product packaging out there. No wonder, given that the beautiful jars and delicate pots were based on historical treasures and traditional artifacts of cultural significance to the Koreans. Every The History of Whoo product packaging is a work of art, decorated with gold and traditional craftsmanship. Definitely too precious to ever throw out!


Genaissance De La Mer The Eye and Expression Cream

La Mer is one of those brands that just nails the fancy yet still understated packaging trend. Everything from this brand looks expensive without being gauche—think “old money” versus “nouvelle riche.” I’m not sure if I will ever be able to afford any of their gorgeous luxury products, but if I had to pick one just based on how beautiful the packaging looks, it would be the Genaissance De La Mer The Eye and Expression Cream.

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I mean, what a stunner that little jar is, with that elegantly shaped metallic lid! You can see the softly caramel-colored cream in its transparent container, which creates a really pretty aesthetic. This is a premium anti-aging eye cream that contains the famous La Mer Miracle Broth, plus a mix of fermented ingredients such as red algae, said to boost collagen production and help replenish hydration levels to plump up the delicate eye area.


Guerlain Orchidee Imperiale The Cream

Guerlain is another classic premium French beauty brand with a long history of aesthetically pleasing products that often become highly coveted collector’s items. Many, many years ago, my very makeup-averse mother surprised me by letting me pick one makeup item from a very fancy perfume shop. This was over 20 years ago, but I still remember being led to this stunning golden compact case with a Guerlain powder foundation hidden inside that happened to perfectly match my oily teenage skin needs. I felt so special holding its noticeably heavy weight in my hands and couldn’t let go of the case even years after finishing the foundation. Sadly, that foundation was discontinued a long time ago, but Guerlain still has the same luxe golden packaging aesthetic for most of their products.

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The Orchidee Imperiale Cream is another classic product from Guerlain’s high-end skincare range, now in its fourth generation with newly upgraded ingredients, among them microscopically fine diamond powder. Not only is the iridescent blue jar something to behold, topped with a brushed matte gold lid, Guerlain also made it their mission to reduce the environmental impact of the packaging as much as possible. In total, they were able to reduce the overall carbon footprint by 58% compared to previous versions of the cream, while still maintaining its stunning looks.


Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint

When Fenty Beauty made its debut in 2017, it became an instant hit thanks to its diverse shade range and super modern makeup formulas. The fact that brand founder Rhianna also happens to be a goddess personified probably also played a big part! And, well, the product packaging is just so unique, you can always instantly recognize a Fenty Beauty product thanks to the interesting geometrical shapes and edgy mix of metallics, white, and transparent materials.

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I feel this is another beauty brand where pretty much every product packaging version is too stunning to ever throw out, but lately I’ve been especially drawn to the Stunna Lip Paint Lip Colors. Maybe it’s in part because the end of the pandemic is nigh, and with it the possibility of wearing lip products again after over a year of them being kind of pointless under our masks. Be that as it may, I’m deeply enamored by the unique shape and the intriguing wand applicator. Seriously, this would look so good in my makeup bag! The Stunna Lip Paint comes in a range of colors, but honestly, we all know that Uncuffed is the winning shade here, a “my lips but better” type color that would look good on a wide range of skin tones.


Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Capsules

OK, OK hear me out—this one is exclusively about the 60 capsule version of the Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Capsules. Now, at first glance, the packaging may not look like anything special: It’s a small golden tin with a lid that has a transparent window so that you can see the ceramide capsules inside. But guys, these little tins are so useful once you’ve emptied them! You can repurpose them for so many things, storing all sorts of little knickknacks in there. I use them for my sewing needles or other smaller bits and pieces that always seem to go missing, like bobby pins or those simple hair ties cats love to kidnap when they get their paws on them.

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Also, the ceramide capsules happen to be a fantastic product for anyone with dryness issues or rough skin texture. They do such a good job smoothing out roughness and help tremendously with keeping skin well-moisturized even in the driest of weather. Now, for the other packaging sizes, which are slender, tall glass jars, I’m thinking they could make for a cute little vase, but in all honesty, those golden tins reign supreme! They are kind of the beauty equivalent of those Danish cookie tins our grandmothers use for their various craft supplies, just a tad fancier and not as bulky.


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