Can’t Go to Your Nail Salon? Why Press-On Nails Are the Next Best Thing

Can’t Go to Your Nail Salon? Why Press-On Nails Are the Next Best Thing

Press-on nails have come an incredibly long way from the square French tips I used to get at Walgreens in high school because my mom didn’t let me get acrylics. We all remember those, right? The square shape never really suited my fingers, and French tips were not really my favorite, but that was kind of the only option we had. Not to mention the fact that they would just pop off about 30 minutes after you put them on. Trying to open a Coke can? Good luck! Want to do your hair, or take a shower, or do the dishes? Those nails were flying off, trust.

Press-on nails have seen a huge reemergence into the beauty scene, even before the pandemic happened. YouTube beauty guru Jackie Aina waxed poetically about them all the time, and I even followed a bunch of press-on nail artists on Instagram, but I never bought any — until now.



If you know me, you know I’ve had acrylic nails for the last four years. They were literally and figuratively, an extension of myself. I went every 3.5 to four weeks like clockwork, and my nail technician was one of the most important people in my life, no exaggeration. When the lockdowns first happened, I went ahead and soaked my nails off because I knew it would be a while before I even thought about stepping foot in a nail salon. Even though my nail salon has been open for over a month now and is taking incredible safety precautions, I still haven’t felt comfortable with going to get my nails done. So, the next best option to bring my clicky-clacky, gorgeous claws back? Press-ons, honey!

Press-ons are also really convenient and super safe on your nails. No more gel curing, no more acrylic, no more soaking or drilling—just use glue or sticky adhesive, and you can have a salon-ready manicure in about 20 minutes. Truly iconic!


The Drugstore Buy: KISS imPRESS Jelly Nails

If you want a quick and incredibly inexpensive option, the KISS imPRESS Jelly Nails are pretty incredible. You don’t even need to fiddle with messy glue—just clean and dry your nails, align to your nail bed and press firmly for a few seconds. They look just like a gel manicure and last about a week. They will lift a bit with excessive water use, so they are maybe not the best choice for people who have to constantly wash their hands or do heavy cleaning.


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The Vibrant Etsy Find: Magpie Nails

If you love ultra-bold, ultra-long nails (*raises hands*), Magpie Nails is for you. Each of their nail sets feature incredibly vibrant hues that are perfect for summer, or even a subtle glitter look that would be perfect if you’re not into the bold colors. I also love that all the shapes are the coffin nail shape, which has always been my go-to!


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The Black-Owned Brand: Lust for Nails

We need to and should be supporting Black small businesses now and always, so if you’re looking to show your support for Black Lives Matter with your money, Lust for Nails is a great option. Unlike other press-on nail options that give you a pack of nails that you have to mix and match to find your size, Lust for Nails only gives you one set of 10 nails that you measure to fit with a $5 sizing kit. The sizing kit comes with 10 nails in 9 different sizes so you can choose which nail best fits each of your own nails. From there, head to their website to pick out your favorite set of claws. I have my eye on the Ditzy Nude set.


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The Affordable Choice With Tons of Cute Nail Art: Marmalade Nails

Nail art is like my one true love, so the nail sets at Marmalade Nails are right up my alley. If paying $50+ dollars for a custom set is a bit of a budget buster for you, then you’ll be happy to know that each pair from Marmalade is only 15 bucks! We love a steal. You can shop by shape, or by color, which makes it incredibly easy to get a set of nails to suit your style.


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How do you feel about press-on nails? Would you try them while you wait for it to be safe to go back to your salon? Let me know in the comments!


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