PMS Supplements: Which Ones to Try For the Worst Time of the Month

PMS Supplements: Which Ones to Try For the Worst Time of the Month

We’ve all been there. You’re starving one minute, raging the next, and then crying over cute cat rescue videos two minutes after that. If you’re extra #blessed, you’ll have cramps, sore boobs, and enough bloating to make you feel like Violet Beauregarde after she chews the Magic Chewing Gum from Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.

Mmhm, I’m talking PMS.

Whether you only experience mild PMS symptoms or you’re unlucky enough to get hit with the full PMS punch every month, it’s undoubtedly one of the worst parts of being a woman (in my professional opinion, at least).

I’ve yet to find anything that will get rid of the unpleasantness of PMS completely, so if any of you lovely readers have found the magic cure, please just skip to the bottom of this article and share with the rest of us!

Until then, the good news is that I have found a few supplements that make the week before my period a bit more bearable. So, in the hopes that I can ease some of our collective suffering, I’m going to share a list of supplements that might be able to help you feel better before, during, and even after your period.

Mom Friend Reminder: As always, make sure to ask your doctor before you start taking new supplements! Some can interact with certain medications (including birth control), and if you have any kind of medical condition, it’s important for your doctor to know about any kind of medicine (yes, including herbs and vitamins) you’re taking so that you stay healthy and safe!



Adding a small dose of magnesium to your day could help with a number of PMS symptoms, including:

  • Breast tenderness
  • Menstrual migraines
  • Bloating
  • Fluid retention
  • Mood swings

pms supplements

Researchers have found that adding a magnesium supplement to your diet can alleviate (or at least lessen!) some of the worst PMS symptoms (Check out the studies here and here if you’re interested!). There are a lot of different types of magnesium supplements, but the best ones are magnesium citrate, aspartate, or gluconate because they are more easily absorbed by your body.

Taking a B-complex vitamin alongside magnesium can help to make it more effective as well, and it can give you an extra energy boost!



Omega-3s are great in general. They’re good for your heart, skin, hair, eyes, joints, and brain, and now researchers say they’re good for PMS too.

I know that the idea of taking fish oil is unappealing, but they make pills that have no fishy taste at all! The ones that I take actually have a nice lemon taste, so I don’t mind adding them to my daily vitamin intake.

Omega-3s are great in general. They’re good for your heart, skin, hair, eyes, joints, and brain, and now researchers say they’re good for PMS too.

Getting a consistent dose of these essential fatty acids can help with depression, anxiety, headaches, fatigue, and breast tenderness. Unfortunately, they don’t get rid of the breast tenderness I experience, but I definitely feel better mentally than I used to!

If you’re vegan or vegetarian, you can swap out the fish oil for algal oil instead. It’s algae-derived, but it packs just as much DHA and EPA as fish oil supplements.


Calcium + Vitamin D

I’ve lumped these guys into the same heading because they’re definitely better together. Vitamin D deficiency is incredibly common for adults in general, but it’s especially common in women. Same goes for calcium!

Adding a hefty dose of these bad boys to your day can not only help with your PMS symptoms, but it can keep you healthier and happier overall.

Vitamin D is essential for lessening the severity of anxiety, depression, and mood swings, and it’s extremely important for calcium absorption, too. (Hence why we still fortify milk with vitamin D!)

Of course, calcium is critical for bone and muscle health, but it’s also able to lessen feelings of fatigue, PMS cravings, and bloating.

It’s really important to schedule blood work with your doctor before you start taking vitamin D, though. He or she can see what your levels are and help you determine the right dose. Trust me, it’s worth the mild inconvenience! There are SO many dosages available OTC that it’s confusing to try to even guess what’s right for you.

Personally, my levels are wildly low, so I have to take massive doses of vitamin D. But I can say for sure that I’ve noticed a big improvement in how I feel since I started this combo!


A Supplement a Day Might Keep PMS Away

I’m going to leave you with two quick tips regarding PMS supplements.

pms supplements

1. Evening primrose oil and St. John’s wort are two very popular herbs that you’ll see in pretty much any Google search for PMS supplements. They both certainly can help some people, but there’s a BIG caveat that a lot of people don’t mention: They can interfere with hormonal birth control and make it less effective. I’m not saying to avoid them, but I AM saying to be cautious and absolutely do not take them without letting your doctor know!

2. Remember that nothing works immediately. Just like with a skincare routine, add things slowly and give each one time to work before getting upset with a lack of results. You might have to endure one to two more cycles of regular PMS symptoms before you notice improvement.

Have you tried supplements for your PMS? How do you manage your PMS? Please! Share your secrets with me!


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