Every Genius Tip From the Patrick Starrr & MakeupByAriel Tutorial

Every Genius Tip From the Patrick Starrr & MakeupByAriel Tutorial

Not so long ago (OK, maybe a few years ago), YouTube was my religion. I was obsessed with watching makeup tutorials, skincare hauls, natural hair and curly hair videos and routines, and even sometimes vlogs. I *loved* YouTube. But somewhere along the way, I outgrew the platform. Beauty YouTubers seemed to have more drama than not, most product reviews were sponsored, and as I got older, the full glam IG/YouTube makeup look was just not for me.

That is, until I saw on a TikTok (of course it was a TikTok) that Makeup By Ariel, Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist, did an hour-long video with Patrick Starrr. So, I scheduled some time out of my day to watch the whole thing, and honey, I was NOT disappointed. If I’m being honest, I actually would have paid to watch it. I learned so much, and I’m extremely generous so I thought, what better than to share some of the tips I learned with you! Keep scrolling to learn my favorite tips.


Get the Eyebrows Right First

I want to let you know that even though the video was an hour long, Ariel spent almost six hours (yes, SIX) doing Patrick’s makeup. Forty-five minutes to an hour of that time was literally just the eyebrows alone. Ariel always starts with brows, and usually starts filling in the arch first. After the brows are filled in, he takes a straight razor and gently shapes the brows using tiny, tiny strokes. I’ve never seen anyone do this (and Ariel actually recommends no one do this at home), but that’s how he gets Kim and Kylie’s brows so precise every single time. He isn’t actually taking any hair away, rather, he’s using the blade to shape the pencil he used to fill in the brows. Genius stuff!


Use a Concealer to Create a Natural Transition Line

If you’ve followed any eye makeup tutorial from the last five years, you know that you typically take a lighter colored concealer to highlight under the brow, and then use a “transition” shade in the crease to bring your look together. Ariel skips that, and instead uses a darker colored concealer on the eye as a transition shade. Not only that, he brings that darker shade to the bridge of the nose, forming a slight contour. This helps your makeup look more natural and seamless and ties in your eyes and nose together in a really natural way.


Achieving the Perfect Wing

If you struggle with applying eyeliner (Lord knows I do), then looking at Ariel’s application might be a little intimidating. First of all, he instructs Patrick to keep his eyes open as he’s applying the gel liner, something incredibly hard for me to do. He first applies the liner in the outer corner, and then delicately applies the liner all the way to the inner corner, to the point where the line is so thin it’s almost invisible. Then comes the wing—Ariel follows the lower water line for the wing and builds up, and then finishes it off by connecting the wing with a straight line. The result is a wing that looks flawless with your eyes open or closed.


Liquid First, Then Cream

Ariel’s base makeup routine follows one major tenet: lightweight liquids first (aka foundation), followed by heavy duty creams next. But the key here is the light layers. Foundation is applied in one, very thin layer, then any creamy products like color corrector, concealer, and blush are applied with a very light hand. Ariel explains that this makeup technique will give you a TV-ready, ultra-Photoshopped look.


Powder, Powder, Powder

For each step of cream or liquid product that Ariel applies, it’s set with powder. As soon as the concealer is applied, it’s set with powder. Not necessarily the baking technique that we’re all familiar with, but just a light dusting after each layer to make it look really natural. Not only that, he mixes translucent powder with skin-toned color powder to help your skin stay in the same undertone. He applies powder using a giant fluffy cushion, and then targets specific areas with a fabric cushion. He recommends the fluffy puff because it doesn’t disturb the makeup underneath.


Blush at the Apples

Ariel’s signature blush placement starts at the apple of the cheeks and sweeps it upward—but the majority of the blush is at the apple of the cheeks. He says this helps keep the look more youthful and baby-doll like.


Brown Lip Liner & a Fluffy Brush

And finally, we’ve made it to lips. I learned that Kylie doesn’t let anyone do her lips and instead does them on her own, which is wild, to say the least. However, Ariel’s technique involves slightly overlining the lips with a light to medium brown pencil, and taking that liner all the way onto the lips, leaving a tiny space in the center of the lips bare. From there, he applies a flesh-toned lipstick and diffuses it out with a fluffy brush. Lip gloss, optional!

I highly recommend you watch the video for yourself—it’s honestly like getting a masterclass for free! Let me know your favorite tips from Makeup by Ariel in the comments below.


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