Nail Art Inspiration: 10 Instagram Accounts to Drool Over

Nail Art Inspiration: 10 Instagram Accounts to Drool Over

One of my favorite self-care activities is getting my nails done. There is nothing like sitting in the chair, relaxing with one of my favorite podcasts or a good audiobook, while getting pampered.

I’ve always been a big fan of expressing parts of my personality via nail art. I love glitter, intricate nail art, nail jewelry—you name it, I’ve probably tried it at some point. I always get my inspiration from the many, many nail artists I follow and wanted to share some of them with you today, in case you also needed a jolt of inspiration.

Keep reading to learn all about my top 10 Instagram accounts for nail art inspiration to follow!


A Brown Girl Recommends

Aamirah is a self-taught nail artist who specializes in freehand work. If you’re still not comfortable going to the nail salon, or you simply want to learn a new skill, she has a ton of videos and reels that will help you get comfortable doing your own nails at home. I love her minimalist approach to nail art and her gorgeous use of color.



I don’t think any favorite Instagram nail art account roundup is complete without mentioning Unistella. Korea-based Unistella, aka Park Eunkyung, is responsible for a number of major nail trends, including glass nails, pearl nails, nail rings, and more. I love looking up her latest work whenever I want something that’s super trendy and hasn’t been seen before.


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The nail industry has a serious problem when it comes to representation. I want you to pause and take a quick look at any major nail brand Instagram account and see how many visibly black hands you see. It’s not that many.

Blkgirlnailfies, created by Hana Javelle, has set out to address this problem head on. Expect tons of pictures of gorgeous nail art on Black hands and lots of fun jewelry.


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The world’s dreamiest nail art belongs to Korean nail artist SenseHong. To say I’m obsessed is an understatement. Every piece of nail art has this otherworldly, ethereal vibe that screams “cool girl chic.” I’m especially obsessed with the holographic nail art and the tiny cherries and hearts.



If you’re into press-on nails, this account is for you. Canishiea J. Sams specializes in natural nail health and seriously amazing press-on nails that look like you just left the salon. I love all of the abstract art work and neutral color palettes. And with their shorter-than-average length, they’re also suitable for work.


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If you’re not into the super long acrylics but still love a good bit of nail art, Lauren’s work will provide tons of inspiration. I live for a super clean manicure with a nice almond nail shape!


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Editorial and chic nail art is what Alicia Torello specializes in. I used to be a die-hard acrylic nail stan, but I’m trying to improve my nail health so I love to look for inspo on natural nails. Alicia does a lot of work with natural nails and “regular” nail polish (meaning not gel/SNS/gel-x) and loves minimalist looks.


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Now, if you are someone who loves a loooong clickety-clackety nail, Mirian’s account is for you. She only does medium to XXL long acrylic nails and does a lot of different styles of nail art. There are floral gradient looks, minimalist art, classic matte nudes, and lots of crystals. If I ever return to my long nails again (and who knows, that might be sooner than you think), I’m taking one of her photos to my nail artist.


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Narina Nails

Narina Chan is a freelance nail artist in NYC, and her work is out of this world. Expect hyper-realistic nail art inspired by famous anime and geometric modern art on her Instagram account. All of her work is done by hand, which makes it all the more impressive.


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Imarni is another editorial and celebrity nail artist. Her work has graced celebs like FKA Twigs, Michaela Cole, singer Awa, and supermodel Adwoa Aboah, to name a few. She does crisp, clean manicures alongside adorable nail art like hand-painted fruit and fun cow print.


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What are your favorite nail art inspiration accounts on Instagram?


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