Mid-Year Check-In: Assessing Where You Are & Where You Want to Be

Mid-Year Check-In: Assessing Where You Are & Where You Want to Be

By now, we’re about halfway through 2021. Congratulations, we’ve officially survived over a year of Pandemic Life. Do we get cake? I think that we should get cake.

At the beginning of the year, I talked about how I think that we should ditch New Year’s Resolutions in favor of setting realistic goals or intentions for the year. I also gave you guys some strategies regarding how to set those goals and how to stay motivated to keep working on them.

Whether you followed my advice or not, the next step in my plan is always a mid-year check-in. Maybe you’re crushing the resolutions you decided to make anyway. Maybe you chose to set an intention for the year, but things aren’t going quite as planned. Or maybe you didn’t make any kind of plan for the year, but now you’re wishing that you had.

Regardless of where you are right now, there’s a path forward!


“I Didn’t Make a Plan, But I Wish I Had!”

For some people, the idea of making concrete goals or setting an intention at the beginning of the year might have felt like too much. Pandemic Life hits us all differently, so there’s no judgment from me if you were in that group.

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Maybe you’re in a better headspace than you were six months ago, and you want to feel like your life is moving forward. Or maybe you’re working on being in a better headspace, and you think it’s the right time to set one or two small goals to help you make some progress.

If so, that’s great! I’m proud of you. Slow progress is still forward motion, and that’s not an easy thing.

I recommend starting slow and simple. You don’t have to desperately try to “catch up.” Just start exactly where you are, and check out my tips for alternatives to New Year’s Resolutions if you need a little extra help.


“I Made a Plan … But It’s Not Going Great”

This is a super common place to find yourself in, so take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone. What sets you apart from a lot of other people is that you’re willing to admit that things aren’t going quite the way you hoped, but you’re willing to pick back up and try again.

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First, take a look at the goals or intentions you set for yourself earlier this year. Are they too vague? Maybe a little too ambitious to be sustainable? Just not working for where you are in life right now? If you can figure out why your plans got derailed, that’s the biggest step toward fixing them.

Second, stop berating yourself. You’re not a failure. You don’t “always mess up.” This isn’t like every other time. Give yourself as much grace as you would give a friend or a child if they were having trouble with something important.

Third, start smaller. Even if you thought your original goal was small, try to see if you can make it smaller or more specific. For example, if your goal was, “Do yoga three times a week,” then try to make that more specific and manageable.

Your revised goal could be “spend at least five minutes on the mat every week.” I know that sounds like barely a goal at all, but trust me when I say that you need the small wins. If you can do more, that’s fantastic. If not, just those five minutes are a great place to start. Either way, having a goal that you can achieve is so much more important than one that sounds impressive but is overwhelming.

Stop berating yourself. You’re not a failure. You don’t “always mess up.” Give yourself as much grace as you would give a friend.


“Your Advice Kept Me on the Right Track! I’m Killing It!”

If you’ve stuck with your goals, plans, or intentions so far, I’m crazy proud of you. That is so hard to do. Even if you had stops and starts or missed some days here and there, if you’ve managed to hit your goals more often than not, that’s amazing.

By now, you might have fulfilled some of the goals you set, or you might feel like you want to take on a little more to keep the progress rolling. If you’re feeling good, then I say go for it!

Remember not to overdo it though. Try taking your existing goals and stretching them a little further. If you’ve been consistently doing yoga three times a week for 30 minutes, maybe try upping that to 40 minutes or adding a fourth session. If you’ve been consistently eating healthy lunches, maybe your stretch goal could be learning to cook a new recipe every other week.

If you find that your stretch goals start feeling like too much, that’s okay! Just drop back to what you can consistently do, and try adding more later.


The Glass Is Half Full

Yes, half of the year has passed, but we still have the entire second half to go! No matter where you are with your goals for the year, just remember that it’s never too late for forward motion. You’ve got this!


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