Let’s Make 2020 Better By Giving Back — Here Are Some Causes I Gave To

Let’s Make 2020 Better By Giving Back — Here Are Some Causes I Gave To

I think it’s safe to say that 2020 has really been a doozy for us. We started the year off with wildfires in Australia. My childhood hero Kobe Bryant and his beautiful daughter passed away in February. And from the middle of March until now, we’ve been dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, which is getting even scarier by the moment. Oh, and let’s not forget the summer of BLM protests against police brutality and increasing racial tensions. And on a personal note, I was diagnosed with fibroids and had major surgery. I mean, 2020 has been throwing us fireballs left and right.

It’s hard to feel like there is something we can do to help during *waves hands frantically* all of this. Personally, my coping mechanisms have been copious amounts of time spent designing my island on Animal Crossing, binge watching Love Island, and baking bread. But if you’re looking for something a bit more helpful, let me recommend helping others as a great way to bring some relief to all of the craziness that’s been going on.

“Working to help others is grounding. It gives perspective. It creates community. It provides, even in small doses, so many of the things that COVID has taken away.”

I was super inspired by Anne Helen Peterson’s recent newsletter Culture Study. In it, she describes how we can not feel like crap right now by putting our energy into helping others: “Working to help others is grounding. It gives perspective. It creates community with people towards whom you might not naturally gravitate. It provides, even in small doses, so many of the things that COVID has taken away. And most importantly: it’s not about you. It [sic] those who our society has failed, and continues to fail, and will continue to fail, until we radically reorganize our understanding of how we should live with and care for one another.”

Are you ready to shine a bright spot on 2020 by giving to causes to help others? Read on for my list of places I’ve personally donated to in 2020.


Donate to Frontline Health Care Workers

If COVID-19 scares the crap out of you and you feel pretty helpless, don’t worry—you can turn that worry into some help for frontline healthcare workers by donating to the COVID-19 Frontline Health Worker fund. All contributions will ensure that these incredibly important people have the things they need to continue to help people fight the virus. We all know how important it is to wear a mask and other PPE. Get Us PPE is another important fund to donate to. They accept funds and PPE and donate them to frontline workers and under-resourced communities.


Donate to the Navajo Water Project

We know that cleanliness and good hygiene are crucial components to combatting the coronavirus. The Navajo Water Project is a community-led utility service that installs running water to people living on Navajo lands. One in three Navajo do not have access to clean running water in Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico, and this has a significant impact on the spread of COVID-19. Your donation can bring running water to people who desperately need it.


Volunteer or Donate to Your Local Food Bank

Access to food and other essentials during this pandemic has been hard on many families in America. Search Feeding America to find food banks in your area and donate money or any extra canned goods. The website also has options available for volunteer work as well.

give to causes


Donate to Homeless Black Trans Women in Atlanta

This fund helps establish permanent housing for Black Trans women living in Atlanta. As of today, the fund has raised over $2.8 million, with a goal of $3 million.


Donate to Police Reform Funds

Reimagining the role of the police force in our communities is incredibly important. Campaign Zero focuses on providing solutions to police brutality through our policymakers.

Hopefully, 2021 will be a bit brighter. In the meantime, I’m going to continue to give back and dedicate my time and money to causes that will help people during this time of crisis, and I encourage you (if you can!) to do the same.


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