5 Lessons & Takeaways We’re Learning From Quarantine

5 Lessons & Takeaways We’re Learning From Quarantine

There is a light at the end of this Tunnel of Isolation. At some point, the world will slowly start to open back up, and we’ll all tentatively start working, socializing, and living lives that don’t revolve around our toilet paper and Lysol stash. (At least, they won’t completely revolve around our toilet paper and Lysol stash. Probably.)

While that day isn’t today, and it likely won’t be tomorrow, it will happen. And even though it’s easy (and understandable!) to feel annoyed, afraid, anxious, or anything in between, I think it’s important for us to pause and take stock of everything that quarantine has taught us, too.

Even if you haven’t been actively working to become a Shiny New You during lockdown, you’ve definitely learned a few things about yourself and your fellow humans. These are the things I’m talking about!

Even if you haven’t been actively working to become a Shiny New You during lockdown, you’ve definitely learned a few life lessons from quarantine.

Here are a few of the life lessons that I’m choosing to take away from my stint in quarantine.


1. Never Take Target For Granted

Or sushi … or Starbucks … or literally any other little luxury of my life that has suddenly disappeared during this pandemic. You better believe that I will be eating SO much sushi on the other side of this, and I’ll be thanking the restaurant staff profusely the whole time.


Unsplash/Jason Leung


I’ll also have a new appreciation for those future hours I’ll get to spend aimlessly meandering through every single Target aisle, smelling candles (god I miss smelling candles!), touching throw pillows, and buying another pair of cute socks that I don’t need from the dollar section.


2. Taking Walks Actually IS Nice

As it turns out, all of our grandmas were right to admonish us to spend more time outside and less time in front of “that darn television.” Going outside and breathing in some fresh air really is good for your soul.

Who would have thought that I would be 29 years old and excited to take a leisurely walk on the paved trails that my city made for senior citizens to enjoy? These are strange times indeed.


lessons from quarantine
Unsplash/Jack Cohen


3. Being an Introvert Has Its Perks

I always feel a little guilty for not typically getting super excited about going out to bars or clubs or social gatherings. I have a very small circle of friends, and even though I do like getting out of the house and doing things, I usually prefer quiet, low-key activities.

Quarantine has definitely made me realize that this is a trait that I should be thankful for! I truly feel bad for all of the extroverts out there who are struggling with the lack of in-person contact, but man, am I glad to have a long-term excuse for getting out of socializing.

Introverts, this is our time. Enjoy it while you can.



4. I Can Get Some Pretty Great Workouts From Home

Pre-quarantine, I paid for a monthly gym membership because I had convinced myself that I needed to leave the house in order to really get a workout. Truthfully, I’ll probably keep my gym membership after all of this is over, but I’ve definitely learned that I can burn a lot of calories in my living room, too.

Between YouTube workouts, Instagram Live videos from fitness studios, and apps like Daily Yoga and Down Dog, I’ve been able to keep up a steady rotation of cardio, yoga, and strength training. I’ve even managed to lose a few pounds! Take that, Quarantine 15!


free instagram workouts


5. Getting In on Social Media Trends Is Kinda Fun

I’ve never been big on doing hashtag challenges or keeping up with popular television shows, but what can I say? I’ve had a lot of extra time recently.

I haven’t quite made it to TikTok dance territory, but I’ve perfected Dalgona coffee, learned a lot about making sourdough bread, and made so much beautiful, social media-inspired food that I’ve started joking about becoming a food blogger.


lessons from quarantine
Unsplash/Brooke Lark


It’s fun to participate in these little trends and challenges! I like the warm, fuzzy feelings of community that come with FINALLY getting that coffee whip just right or celebrating with someone in a different time zone because they made a perfectly crusty loaf of bread.

I guess the real takeaway here is that we all need those little wins, and it’s more fun when you get to share them with like-minded people!

Bonus Life Lesson: If you’re gonna feed your husband to tigers, don’t make jokes about sardine oil in documentary interviews. (Listen. Regardless of how you feel about Joe Exotic, Doc Antle, or Carole Baskin, I think we can all agree that her husband didn’t just “mysteriously disappear.”)

And if you somehow haven’t seen the Netflix docuseries Tiger King yet, do yourself a favor and take that wild ride during your next binge session. You won’t regret it.


What’s Your Silver Lining?

Tell me about what lessons quarantine has taught you! Lighthearted, profound, funny, or mundane, I want to hear about the life lessons from quarantine you’re taking back out into the world when we can all see each other again.


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