Perfume Petering Out? Layer Your Fragrance So That It Lasts All Day

Perfume Petering Out? Layer Your Fragrance So That It Lasts All Day

I looooooove perfume. I always have. I think my love for it comes from my mom. I grew up watching her spritz herself every single day with White Diamonds or Opium, ingraining her catchphrase into my head: “Girls should always smell good!” And now, I wear perfume every single day without fail. Sick? Wearing perfume. Going to the gym? Wearing a spritz. Going to bed? Definitely wearing some sort of fragrance.

My friends all know I am obsessed with perfume, and they always have the same complaint—the scent doesn’t last! They spray in the morning, and by the afternoon, they can’t smell anything at all. It’s a common complaint. And my friends, I have an answer to your woes.

When you layer your fragrances, you not only create a custom scent experience but create a scent that will last all day long. Want to know my tips? Read on!


Shower With a Coordinating Body Wash or Soap

One of my all-time favorite scents is Do Son by Diptyque, a spicy tuberose scent. It usually lasts all day on me, but when I want to take it up a notch, I make sure to use my Do Son bar soap in the shower as well. Even just showering with the soap leaves a slight hint of fragrance on my skin (plus makes my bathroom smell INCREDIBLE), and when layered with the perfume, it takes the perfume up a notch. If anything, showering with a coordinating scented soap or body wash is a huge mood lifter, especially during this time.


Moisturize Your Body

If you really, really want your scent to last all day long, you gotta use a scented body lotion or body butter. Fragrance molecules need something to bind to, and lotion or body butter is perfect. I like to use all kinds—sometimes it matches exactly with my perfume (Chanel Gabrielle Essence, for example), or sometimes I just like to mix similar notes together to create my own scent. For example, if I’m feeling a bit vanilla-y, I’ll mix some Laura Mercier Ambre Vanillé Body Butter, which has notes of vanilla, brown sugar, and tangerine, with some Byredo Gypsy Water, a lush scent with amber, vanilla, and sandalwood. The combination is incredibly sophisticated, and I always get nonstop compliments when I wear them.


Add Vaseline to Your Pulse Points

If you’re not down with spending extra money on scented soaps and lotions, one of the cheapest (and easiest) ways to make your fragrances last longer is to apply a thin layer of Vaseline (or any petroleum jelly) to your pulse points. Like I mentioned earlier, fragrance molecules want something to bind to besides your skin, and Vaseline will “hold” your scent for longer. I apply Vaseline on the insides of my wrists and elbows, behind my ears and neck, and around my ankles and calves. Then all you have to do is spritz on those points, and voilà! You have a scent that will last day all long.

layer your fragrance


Don’t Rub It In

And finally, my last tip: Don’t rub your fragrance in! I see so many people who apply fragrance to their wrists and then rub their wrists together—no! This breaks down your fragrance and causes the top note to disappear. Instead, gently dab your fragrance in, or just leave it alone to dry.

What is your favorite fragrance, and do you layer it to make it last? Let me know in the comments!


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