These Genius Pedicure Tools Help Me Get Sandal-Ready at Home

These Genius Pedicure Tools Help Me Get Sandal-Ready at Home

Up until just a few years ago, I had never had a pedicure. I just did the best I could with body lotion and nail polish at home. The results weren’t great, but I felt weird about paying someone to have to deal with my dry feet. After my best friend dragged me to a nail salon and showed me the error of my ways, I was sold on professional pedicures.

In the wake of Covid, I was once again left to my own (pitiful) skills. Since I had plenty of time, I decided to find ways to step up my pedicure game. While my skills are nowhere near pro, I did find a handful of pedicure tools that let me cheat and pretend that I’m way more skilled at pedicures than I really am.

I’m glad I can get a real pedicure again, but I’m still going to keep these pedicure tools in my cabinet so that I can have sandal-ready feet all year.



I don’t know about you guys, but my heels get VERY dry. Like, use them as sandpaper dry. It’s gross. No amount of lotion and scrubbing gets them totally soft. A friend recently turned me on to Kerasal, and I’m hooked.

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Kerasal is marketed as an “intensive foot repair” ointment, and they’re not kidding. It’s 10 percent urea, 5 percent salicylic acid, glycerin, and white petroleum in a thick, rich balm that exfoliates and moisturizes simultaneously.

I like to combine a hefty application of Kerasal with single-use moisturizing booties or the spa socks I’ll talk about further down in the roundup. My feet still aren’t perfect, but this stuff has made a huge difference!


Shiny Foot Peeling Booties

If you’re familiar at all with the Asian beauty community, you’ve probably heard of the infamous TonyMoly Shiny Foot peeling booties. They’re equal parts satisfying and horrifying, but they work wonders for transforming your feet.

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The single-use booties are filled with a strong exfoliating solution that you soak your feet in for a while. Peeling usually starts five to seven days after using the booties. You definitely need to be prepared to wear socks for the next few days because your feet will be shedding like a snake (gross but also glorious). Once you’re done with the peeling stage, your feet are crazy soft. It’s better than any pedicure scrub I’ve ever gotten!


At-home Pedicure Assistant

This is definitely one of those gadgets that you see on TV, chuckle about, and then end up buying because you can’t stop thinking about how useful it might actually be.

The Sharper Image At-home Pedicure Assistant makes shaping and painting your toenails so much easier. You can wedge it under your mattress, seat padding, or couch cushion to give yourself a sturdy, angled prop for your foot.

Trying to contort to paint my toenails is my least favorite part of the process, mainly because I always end up getting nail polish all over myself. I like that this also has a bright light and a magnifier attachment! (Does that make me a grandma? Maybe.) I think that if I were ever going to be able to give myself a nice-looking pedicure, this tool would be essential.


YogaToes Gems

So, these pedicure tools can be used as toe separators (which are helpful for not making a mess), but I’m recommending YogaToes specifically because they offer health benefits while you’re painting your toenails.

Most of us tend to sacrifice comfort and foot health for the sake of aesthetics. I’m talking high heels, pointy-toed flats, and zero-support sandals. This can lead to all kinds of aches, pains, and toe problems. Since our feet are the most-used part of our body, any little thing we can do to help them out is worthwhile!

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YogaToes can help to stretch, strengthen, and align your toes, so they can pull double duty while you’re letting your pedicure dry. I recommended the Gem variety specifically because they’re a little easier to work between your toes than the classic YogaToes separators, and they’re generally considered to be a little comfier. If you have bunions, hammertoes, squished toes, or generally achy feet, this is an easy thing to try for healthier feet.


Toeless Spa Socks

I originally discovered silicone heel covers and toeless spa socks when I searched for a way to get more heel cushion for my feet during recovery from ankle surgery. Gel heel covers are usually marketed to people with plantar fasciitis or heel spurs, but I accidentally found out that they’re great for softening your heels, too.

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Toeless spa socks give you all of the benefits of those fancy moisturizing gel socks, but you can still access your toes to separate and paint them. To me, they’re pretty much the best of both worlds. I can slather on some Kerasal, slip these heel covers on, and then finish up the rest of my pedicure without sliding around or making a mess.

If you want to combine the toe separating action with the spa sock action, Sharper Image has a pair of moisturizing toe alignment socks that might work well for you. They’re more full-coverage than the spa socks I mentioned, but they have built-in dividers to give you that sweet, sweet toe stretch.

Do you do at-home pedicures? What are your must-have pedicure tools? Let me know in the comments!


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