Do This, Not That: Beauty Alternatives While in Quarantine

Do This, Not That: Beauty Alternatives While in Quarantine

After a month or two of “freedom,” COVID-19 cases have started to rise again. As a result, many states and local authorities have decided to roll back opening indoor businesses, which means hair and nail salons, malls, and other indoor places of businesses are closing yet again. And honestly, I’m all for it. The faster we can get this outbreak under control, the faster we can all begin our new “normal.”

But even with salons and gyms shut down, there’s no reason to panic. All you have to do is get a bit inventive and try these quarantine alternatives for all your beauty needs.


Do This: Nail Stickers

Not That: Gel Manicure

My love affair with getting my nails done is pretty well-documented, but I have zero intentions of heading to a nail salon anytime soon for my gel or acrylic manicure. The next best thing? Nail stickers, or nail wraps like the ones from brands like SCRATCH or Ciate London. You can get an Instagram-ready design for a fraction of the cost and time of a traditional manicure, something I can definitely get behind. Some nail wraps require curing with a UV light, while some are simply stick and file, so make sure to check the instructions before you buy!


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Do This: Wear A Bandana

Not That: Attempt to Color Your Roots on Your Own

I’ve never been the biggest DIY fan ever, but there are definitely some things I’m willing to try at home: doing my nails, plucking my eyebrows, giving myself a pedicure. What I’m not willing to do? Dye my hair. There are just so many things that can go wrong, and who’s going to help you fix it if the salons are closed? My solution? Throw on a cute bandana! You can cover your growing roots AND get a super cute summer style at the same time. Want some inspiration? This video has eight super cute looks.

@kayleepereiraaHere’s another hairstyle hahah ##fyp♬ Yummy – Justin Bieber


Do This: Get an At-Home Facial Steamer

Not That: Go to an Aesthetician

Nothing quite compares to going to a relaxing spa date and getting a facial, but you can definitely recreate some of the magic at home with an at-home facial steamer. There is something truly next level skin care guru about having your own facial steamer at home, and the benefits are wonderful! I love to use mine when I’m winding down for the evening and I just want a few more minutes of “me” time.



This one from Amazon even comes with a cute headband and facial extraction tools so you can remove your own whiteheads and blackheads at home—just make sure you disinfect your tools and watch a tutorial or two before you attempt it yourself.


Do This: Commit to At-Home Workouts

Not That: Go to a Gym

I’m a competitive powerlifter. Lifting has been a huge part of my life for the past five years. Not being able to go to the gym has truly been one of the worst parts of the pandemic for me, but I’ve been able to manage with adjusting to home workouts. There are plenty of options—I have a Peloton that I use for my cardio, but don’t think that you need a bike to use all of the other workouts the app has. I also use the Peloton app to do my strength workouts, restorative yoga, meditation, and outdoor running and walking workouts.



POPSUGAR Fitness on YouTube has a ton of free HIIT, cardio, and strength workouts that I really enjoy too. Working out regularly has so many beauty benefits—sweating helps get rid of dirt, bacteria, and other gross stuff on your face, so honestly, if there’s any reason to get your sweat on, it’s that! Just make sure to wash your face immediately after your workout!


Do This: Get a Pumice Stone

Not That: Get a Pedicure in a Salon

I NEED a pedicure. I am actually embarrassed at the state of my feet, so I haven’t even been wearing cute sandals this summer. But I’m ready to get my life together, and the first step? Getting a pumice stone so my feet look and feel super soft like I just had a pedicure.



To prep your feet, you gotta soak them first. My preferred way? Taking a long, relaxing bath with a book, some candles, and some classical music playing in the background. It’s a two-for-one deal! Afterwards, grab your pumice stone, and with light pressure, move it over your heels and feet in a circular motion for about two minutes. Dry with a towel and apply a rich moisturizer. My favorite is Vaseline Cocoa Butter topped with some Aquaphor.

Are there any beauty alternatives you’ve tried in quarantine? Share with us in the comments!

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