How to Create Your Own Hygge Haven at Home

How to Create Your Own Hygge Haven at Home

Hygge is a Danish term that perfectly encapsulates their culture. It describes a feeling of warm, comforting contentment, and quiet, peaceful joy that immediately makes you feel relaxed just thinking about it.

It has become a popular concept around the world over the past couple of years, and there are now tons of books, tutorials, and videos on how to add more hygge to your life. It’s definitely a concept that we can all learn from (especially in a pandemic), but one of the most important ways to really embrace the hygge lifestyle is by transforming your home.

Since winter is the perfect time to amp up the cozy comfort, I’m going to give you five simple ways to make your home a hygge haven.


1. Light the Fireplace (App)

If you live in a house with an actual fireplace, then you should totally take advantage and light a real fire. For the rest of us, however, pressing play on a virtual fireplace can actually have the same cozy effect.

One of my friends recommended this extremely soothing YouTube video that’s 10 full hours of a beautiful, crackling fire. She said that she and her partner like to turn it on in the evenings to wind down for bed, and I can totally see why.

There’s something so mesmerizing and calming about a crackling fireplace, even if there’s not a real fire right in front of you.


2. Grab Some Scented Candles

One of my favorite ways to make my house feel ultra cozy is to burn scented candles wherever I am. I prefer woodsy, spicy, Christmas-y scents, but as long as you enjoy the smell, it will provide the same amount of comfort.

When I’m feeling really indulgent (usually deep in the heart of winter), I splurge on a couple of WoodWick candles. There’s seriously nothing better than combining a scented candle with the comforting crackle of logs on a fire.

If you have babies, pets, or anxiety about lit flames, I highly recommend a wax warmer! They’re safe, long-lasting, and provide just the right touch of atmospheric lighting.


3. Invest in High Quality Blankets and Pillows

Most people I know aren’t into the idea of throw pillows on the furniture (I don’t know why—I love them!), so if that’s you, just hear me out.

You don’t have to go wild with 20 pillows on the sofa. Even just one soft and comfy pillow is enough to add some extra hygge! I mean, just look at this faux fur throw pillow and tell me you wouldn’t curl up with it immediately.

hygge haven home

The same goes for blankets. I’m an admitted blanket hoarder, but I’m also always comfy and cozy on the sofa! Whether you want a chunky knit blanket, a faux fur throw, or a plush quilt, investing in some soft, warm blankets and pillows will immediately make your space much happier.


4. Switch to Ambient Light

Overhead lighting is out, and accent lighting is in. Lean into all of your childhood blanket fort dreams and install some pretty fairy lights in your living room or bedroom. My fiance put some up in our bedroom a couple of years ago, and it makes me so happy to turn off the lamps and plug in those lights instead. It makes everything feel softer, calmer, and cozier right away.

hygge haven home

Even if you’d rather not go the fairy lights route, strategically placing lamps with warm-white bulbs or using dimmer switches on bright fixtures can help to add a soft, soothing ambiance to the room. You can even buy dimmer switches for existing lamps and fixtures, so it’s an easy fix!


5. Keep Everything Clutter-Free

There’s a difference between “comfortably decorated” and cluttered. Even if you are a generally tidy person, having too many trinkets or decorations in a room can make it feel crowded.

Clutter makes us feel more anxious, so when in doubt, it’s always better to go with the “less is more” philosophy when you’re creating a hygge haven.

If you have surface clutter, add some woven baskets with lids to clear off those surfaces. If you have too many decorations, periodically rotate your collection so that you get to enjoy everything while constantly refreshing the décor. (For more ideas, check out these other decluttering tips.)


Bonus Tip: Make Sure There Are Plenty of Natural Textures in Your Home

Soft blankets. Wicker baskets. Faux fur rugs or pillows. Wooden tables. Plush slippers. A small house plant. Adding pleasing touches of natural texture can not only brighten your space but it can also make everything feel more cozy and comforting.

Now it’s your turn: Tell me, how do you hygge at home?



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