Brow Lamination: What You Need to Know About the Hot Beauty Trend

Brow Lamination: What You Need to Know About the Hot Beauty Trend

Brows are always going through a constant revolution. I spent my teenage years plucking my eyebrows into two tiny, thin arches. Then in college, I let them grow back a *tiny* bit but waxing was still my jam. In my mid-20s, threading was my thing, and now, I have fully embraced the full brow look.

Big, feathery brows are definitely the mood for the 2020s, and getting that look can take a lot of work. There’s filling them in with a pencil, gel, or pen, microblading them, and now we have something called brow lamination.


What Is Brow Lamination?

Brow lamination, which originated in Moscow, is a process that gives you the look of big, bold brows that always look like you’ve just done them. Think hairs that are full and look like they naturally grow like you’ve brushed them upwards and coated them in a brow gel. Brow lamination is a semi-permanent procedure (although not as permanent as microblading or brow tattoos) where “a chemical solution infused with keratin is combed through brows, setting the hairs in a brushed-up shape which lasts for six to eight weeks,” according to Refinery29. You can think of it as a perm or relaxer for your brows—it takes the hair and straightens it so it looks always done and brushed. It’ll also help fill in any sparse gaps and give you way more definition, à la Cara Delevingne. Your brows will stay this way for about four to six weeks.

Cara Delevingne


So How Does Brow Lamination Work?

Brow lamination is typically done by a trained brow professional who is well versed in the procedure.

Before you start anything though (whether at home or in the salon), you will need to perform a patch test. This is a non-negotiable, as you’re working with some pretty strong chemicals that can cause lasting damage to both your brows and skin. Once it’s determined that you and your skin are good to go, the basic process looks a little something like this:

  1. The brow lamination solution/cream is applied to the brows. Then, your brows are brushed upwards in the style and shape that you want.
  2. Your brow stylist will then apply a neutralizer solution (yes, just like a hair perm/relaxer) to help seal/keep your brows in shape.
  3. Finally, a nourishing oil is applied to help your skin combat any irritation or sensitivity.

The entire process takes about 45 minutes to an hour and should not be rushed.

brow lamination


But I Heard I Can Do It at Home? Is That True?

With COVID-19 still running through the U.S., many companies have started to come out with at-home brow lamination kits for those who want to do the procedure but are still not able to go to a salon.

But be warned: Doing your own lamination at home does come with risks. René de la Garza, celeb brow expert and esthetician, tells Vogue: “The ingredients of brow lamination are extremely active. So if attempting to laminate your own brows at home, be sure to follow the directions very carefully.” This means making sure you have everything you need to do the procedure ready, you have gloves, you have a timer, and you have enough time to complete the procedure in full without rushing.

My suggestion is to watch a few videos on YouTube first to get a feel for what the procedure is and any tips that you should be looking out for. Some videos I found helpful were from Jackie Aina, Jasmyn Destine, and Amber Scholl.

And if you’re looking for a reputable kit, some include the Elevate the Beauty Eyebrow and Lash Lamination kit and the Lash Bomb Brow Lamination Trial Pack.

And remember, you can only do this process every six weeks or so—any more often than that can cause permanent damage to both your skin and brows.

Have you thought about doing brow lamination at home? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments!


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