The Best Summer Gadgets That Will Keep You Cool & Hydrated

The Best Summer Gadgets That Will Keep You Cool & Hydrated

Yes, friends, it is once again time for me to hit you with another roundup of my favorite Amazon gadgets, the summer edition.

You all know by now that I’m not a fan of summer in the South. It’s hot, sticky, and way too sunny for my liking. Fortunately, Amazon always knows just what I need. Today, I’m going to share a few of my summer staples so that you can also get through this summer in maximum possible comfort.


1. A “Pocket Cup” For Quick Hydration

You’ve probably seen collapsible camping mugs that are still a little bulky and usually require a keychain holder. Those are fine for hiking or a day at the dog park, but they’re not convenient for a quick sip of water.

Enter what I like to call the tiny adventure cup. It’s a collapsible silicone “pocket” that you can quickly fill up at a water fountain or a faucet if you just need a few quick sips of water to cool down. It’s compact enough to fit into a pocket or belt bag easily, but it holds a nice amount of liquid!


2. An Adorable Portable Fan

A friend mentioned to me recently that in Asia, it’s common to see everyone carrying around these cute rechargeable fans when it’s hot. Not only do I think that’s brilliant, but I’ve also already ordered myself a pink one because I. Hate. Sweating.

If you’re not looking for something quite so cutesy, there are simple, sleek options too.


3. An Owala Water Bottle

This is technically not a gadget so much as just a really fantastic water bottle, but this is my roundup, so I’m bending the rules.

I love cold water, but I loathe dealing with how it inevitably leaves water rings and puddles everywhere. I’m also weirdly picky about my water bottles. I like to have a straw option, but I also need to be able to clean said straw option easily. I need to KNOW it won’t leak no matter what I’m doing, and I need it to fit into my hands comfortably.

As I said, I’m picky. I’ve accepted this about myself.

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The Owala stainless-steel bottle is everything I ever wanted and more. The 32-ounce size isn’t bulky. It has two locking mechanisms for the lid, there’s an easy-to-clean straw attachment, and it has a wide mouth that makes filling it with ice super easy. And! It keeps ice for days. Literal. Days.

I’m in love. Go get one right now. Then personalize it with waterproof vinyl stickers and bask in happy, ice-cold hydration.


4. A Personal, Wearable UV Monitor

Nothing replaces good sunscreen practices, but I think this is a fun gadget! You can set your sun sensitivity based on skin type (1 for most sensitive and 11 for least), and the wristband will tell you when you’ve reached your maximum limit of unprotected sun exposure for the day.

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If you like to tan (sigh, I know some of you do), or if your doctor has recommended that you get sun exposure for vitamin D, then this can help you make sure you’re limiting the risk of skin damage.

You can find it here!


5. Fruit Gadgets to Make Snacking Easier

I am the queen of fun kitchen tools. If I think it looks fun or will make my kitchen time easier, into the Amazon cart it goes.

Fresh fruit is my favorite part of summer (other than all of the lemon and peach dessert options), so naturally, I have some fruit gadgets for you.

The first is this windmill watermelon slicer. All you have to do is pass it through a big, bulky hunk of watermelon to get smaller cubes that are perfect for covering in Tajin seasoning and stuffing into your face.

summer gadgets

My other favorite fruit gadget is this cherry pitting tool. Yes, I know that I can just eat the whole cherry and spit out the pit, but I like to freeze my cherries, so the pit is inconvenient. This little tool lets me pop in six cherries, and with a single press, I have all fruit and no pit. Perfection.


Give Me Your Best Summer Gadget Ideas

I can spend hours browsing my Amazon recommendations, and I’m a sucker for fun or potentially helpful tools. If you know of any great summer gadgets that I didn’t include, put them in the comments so I can check them out!


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