The Best Quarantine Memes We Really Need Right Now

The Best Quarantine Memes We Really Need Right Now

If there is one thing you need to know about me, it’s that I LOVE memes. I can’t get enough. Whenever I’m feeling anxious, sad, depressed, or just need a little boost of laughter, I turn to Instagram and browse memes (and post the funniest and most relatable ones on my account @sheryllrenata).

During this insanely crazy time, I’ve been feeling way more anxious than usual—I mean, aren’t we all? This is what makes memes so special. They help all of us collectively communicate how we’re feeling without the need to write a 1,000-word essay about it … something I can’t even imagine doing.

So, without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to some of my favorite quarantine memes, or as I like to call them, quaran-memes.


best quarantine memes
Instagram @themandalorianmemes


Dressing up for no reason at all is one of the best mood boosters. Try it and report back to me!

best quarantine memes

A true quarantine conundrum. Don’t even add a hair washing schedule to this because then things truly get out of hand.


best quarantine memes
Instagram @darknetpapi


This raccoon and I are kindred spirits. I am especially fond of peeking out of windows throughout the day.

best quarantine memes

INCREDIBLY relatable. I’ve watched To Wong Fu, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar about 20 times already.



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I don’t mind the cooking, but all of the constant cleanup is driving me up a wall!

Honestly, I’ve jumped on the boxed wine train. Four bottles of wine in a box that doesn’t go bad for 30 days? Sign me up!


Instagram @girlsonclasspass


I’m 33 years old and just downloaded TikTok, and I feel both old and completely rejuvenated at the same time. Will I ever upload a video of me dancing to “Savage”? No. Will I scroll and like everyone else’s videos? Yes.

*sigh* I miss putting on some Beyoncé while taking a long shower, doing my hair, and following a cut crease makeup tutorial to go out and have drinks with friends. *sniff*


Instagram @no.fucksgiiven


My current uniform is my faded black sweatshirt that says “books and coffee” and my Lululemon Align leggings. Dressing up is a thing of the past.


Instagram @bryanrussellsmith


I even have a special wine mug now.


Instagram @girlsonclasspass


I would literally give anything to buy an extra large, iced vanilla oat milk latte right now. ANYTHING.



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I’m going to miss my couch, not gonna lie.

What are some of the best quarantine memes you’ve seen on social media? Share in the comments below!


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