Beauty ASMR: How GRWM Can Also Get You to Chill Out

Beauty ASMR: How GRWM Can Also Get You to Chill Out

If you’re like me and you love to scope out YouTube for the latest trends, there’s a chance you’ve seen makeup ASMR videos. As I dove deeper into this world on YouTube, I discovered videos of people whispering their steps, tapping their brushes on the side of their compacts, squishing lipsticks down to a pulp … but why? Today, let’s explore beauty ASMR and how this new trend is taking the internet by storm.


What Is ASMR?

ASMR is shorthand for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, the tingly, relaxing feeling that some people feel after hearing certain sounds: someone repeatedly turning pages in a book, a piece of wrapping paper being crinkled, someone whispering or brushing their hair, or gentle, repetitive taps against hard surfaces. The type of sound that causes this reaction varies from person to person. Some people are all about the whisper, others like the sound of a repeated action. In a study completed by the University of Sheffield, those relaxing brain tingles may actually be good for both your mental and physical health, as they cause a decrease in anxiety, stress, and depression. Who knew?

Turning pages in a book, paper being crinkled, someone brushing their hair—those relaxing brain tingles may be good for your mental and physical health.

My sister? Big ASMR fan. Cardi B is another! Me? I’ve honestly never felt any sort of brain tingles from listening to an ASMR video. But there is a possible reason for this.

In another psychological study, it was reported that people who scored high on an Openness-to-Experience test were more likely to experience ASMR. According to the study, “Openness-to-Experience is associated with curiosity, unconventionality, artistic or aesthetic tendencies, wide interests, and fantasy.” People with high scores on this test were the ones who were most likely to experience the signature ASMR brain tingles, “due, in part, to increased receptivity and sensitivity to sensation.” On the other side of the spectrum, people who experience moderate to severe depression also benefited from and experienced ASMR and “reported using ASMR-triggering stimuli to temporarily attenuate symptoms.”


beauty asmr


If you do a quick search on YouTube for ASMR, you’ll see a vast variety of videos to choose from. Three hours of vacuum cleaning? Sure! A hot guy whispering about his day to you? Of course! ASMR takes all forms—and of course, the beauty community soon hopped on the trend. There are a wide variety of styles of ASMR makeup videos to choose from, so let’s explore them!


ASMR Friend Does Your Makeup Role Play

There are a wide variety of ASMR videos where the beauty YouTuber pretends to do your makeup, your eyebrows, your hair, all while whispering and tapping on the products as they “do your makeup.”



The Classic Get Ready With Me (GRWM) ASMR

Get ready with me videos will never get old, and these videos reintroduce the popular beauty video format with the ASMR touch. Expect lots of whispering, brush tapping, and foundation shaking.



The Makeup Haul ASMR

I have to admit, haul videos are already relaxing to me, so you add some whispering and tapping on top of that, and wow. You’ve created the recipe for some deep relaxation time.



The 10-Step Skincare Routine ASMR

Chill out with the calming sounds of someone lovingly tapping on their cleanser or caressing their favorite sheet mask.



Celeb ASMR

Even Rihanna got in the ASMR game when she tapped Gen-Z icon Amandla Stenberg to create a YouTube tutorial video using all Fenty Beauty products.




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