New Year’s Eve 2021: 6 Alternative Ways to Celebrate Safely

New Year’s Eve 2021: 6 Alternative Ways to Celebrate Safely

I think it’s safe to say that New Year’s Eve celebrations across the globe are going to be looking a little different this year. For the first time in 114 years, the quintessential NYE Time Square celebration is going digital. Firework displays are being cancelled. And everywhere, people are trying to figure out how they can celebrate the end of a pretty ridiculous year and usher in a new one, where we will have a vaccine, a new president, and hopefully, a way better time than our previous years.

But before all of that happens, there is still a pandemic raging on, and gatherings and parties are the last thing any of us should be doing. How can we celebrate? Well, I have a few alternative New Year’s Eve ideas!


1. Get Dressed Up

Yes, you aren’t going anywhere, but getting all dolled up (heels and all!), with a fully beat face and a spritz or two of perfume will definitely put you in a celebratory mood. I literally haven’t worn anything that doesn’t resemble a sweatshirt and leggings since February, so I plan on going all out by renting a dress from Rent the Runway. I’m in love with this one in particular.

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2. Make a Celebratory Dinner

One of the things I’m looking forward to this year is going all out on the food at my own house instead of paying $150+ for a prix fixe meal at some fancy restaurant. On my menu? Ribeye steaks and lobster, creamy mac and cheese, and a side salad with lots of veggies. Of course, you gotta pour yourself a glass or wine or champagne too.

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3. Watch a Movie

If you’re just not feeling getting all dolled up and making dinner, you can go the chill route and watch a feel-good movie to ring in the new year. Always Be My Maybe, Booksmart, and the newest Little Women are all perfect choices for a cozy night indoors. You can even set up a Zoom movie night with friends or have a watch party via Netflix.

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4. Zoom Party With Your Friends

Yes, Zoom has taken over our lives, but I still love it for making it easy to have get-togethers with a large group of people. You can plan a whole themed Zoom party, complete with cocktails, food, and games. Or you can just chill and vibe in your PJs while you and your friends make plans to take a big trip in 2021. I’m loving the idea of having a “party like it’s 1999” themed party, where everyone dresses like they’re living in the ’90s and you only play ’90s music. Iconic!

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5. Go to Bed Early and Have a Big Brunch New Year’s Day

If you’re like me and can’t stay up past 10 PM on a good day, go to bed early and plan to have a decadent New Year’s Day brunch. This is the perfect time to tackle a baking project you’ve had in mind to do all quarantine (mine is croissants) and set up a cute brunch buffet for yourself and your family, partner, or roommates.

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6. Set an Intention For the New Year

After writing out all of my goals and intentions for 2020 and seeing them being shattered into pieces, I’m hesitant to lay out my plans for 2021. But! BUT! Planning and setting goals and intentions for 2021 can be incredibly helpful for your mental health and give you something to work towards and look forward to in the new year. I encourage you to be as specific (and realistic) as possible—instead of “eat healthy,” try to write something like “incorporate more fruits and veggies into my diet,” or “travel to one new country once a vaccine is approved and distributed” instead of “travel more.” Being clear on your goals can help you move past this dumpster fire of a year and embrace what’s to come.

What are your alternative plans this New Year’s Eve? Let me know in the comments!


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