7 Simple Ways to Declutter Your Home Without the Stress

7 Simple Ways to Declutter Your Home Without the Stress

The longer I spend at home, the more I start to get the itch to just throw away everything I own because I’m tired of looking at it. I know that this is just the result of roaming around my house for too many hours every day, but that urge gets pretty strong sometimes.

I keep my house pretty clean overall, and I periodically toss or donate things that are just taking up space. Unfortunately, my house is a bit small, so even if I don’t have a lot of excess stuff, it can still feel cramped and cluttered.

So, what do you do when you’ve KonMari’d your whole house, but it still feels cluttered?  You get creative! I’ve come up with a few ways to declutter my home so that everything feels more open and clean, even though I haven’t thrown anything else away.


1. Use Decorative Baskets

I love baskets, especially structured ones with lids. Whenever I have things like blankets, art supplies, fitness gear, or miscellaneous charging cords that I need semi-regularly but don’t want to keep out, I store them in pretty decorative baskets.

Depending on the size and shape of your chosen baskets, you can place them under the coffee table, on a shelf, in a closet, or beside the sofa. This is an easy and effective way to make the room feel more streamlined.


2. Hide Clutter With Cute Linen Drapes

Sometimes, there’s just no way to make the underside of your nightstand look clean and uncluttered (or is that just me?). For those pieces of furniture that refuse to stay tidy, you can always try draping a cute patterned curtain or tablecloth over them. I have a bookshelf that always seems to look cluttered no matter how much rearranging I do, so I just cover it with a seasonal tablecloth and tie up the excess with a cute ribbon. Problem solved!


3. Switch to Storage Furniture

Bless whoever came up with furniture that doubles as storage space. Switching to a coffee table with storage under the top and buying a couple of storage ottomans has made my small living room much cozier and way less cramped.


4. Invest in Some DIY Shelving

Floating shelves are gorgeous and can make pretty much any room look more Pinterest-worthy. They’re also pretty easy to install, so they’re a relatively low-stress way to add some extra surface area to a room.

You can order tons of different colors and styles from sites like Amazon or Home Depot, so you don’t even have to leave the house!


5. Make Creative Collection Displays

Sorry Marie Kondo, but I am not getting rid of any of my earrings or my adorable fat woodland animal figurines.

Since I’m unwilling to part with things that can make my house look cluttered, I have to become more creative about how I display them. I like using glass shadow boxes to display my favorite treasures. Depending on the size of your collection, you can rotate out your decorations to give a fresh look to the room every so often, too!


6. Rearrange the Room Layout

I used to do this a lot as a kid (yes, picture Tiny Me heaving her furniture around the bedroom by herself—it’s hilarious), and even now, it really helps me feel like I have a fresh space.

Moving the furniture around in a room gives me the ability to look at the space with fresh eyes, which helps me see how to make the room feel less “cluttery.” Plus, sometimes you just get tired of looking at the same layout every day, and shifting things around might be exactly what you need to start loving your space again!

I also like that rearranging the room gives me a chance to clean those crevices that I’m usually too lazy to get to, so the room feels extra fresh when I’m done.


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7. Spring for Matching Aesthetics

It’s amazing how just a few ugly, mismatched bottles or appliances can make the whole room feel small and disorganized.

This project might be one that you undertake in small bites, but it can make a big difference in not just decluttering but how much better you feel about your home overall.

For me, starting with the bathroom and my vanity was easiest. Buy a set of dispensers that has a cohesive aesthetic (similar shape, color scheme, finish, etc.), and decant all of those ugly bottles into the pretty ones. You can store any extra product under the sink or in a linen closet.

Do the same with bath linens, decorative pillows, and throw blankets, too. Get rid of any that are worn, faded, or rarely used, and buy high-quality replacements that match your new aesthetic. Eventually, your home will have a more cohesive and cozy feel instead of a thrown-together look.


Decluttering Doesn’t Have to Be a Huge Undertaking

It’s possible to reduce clutter without overhauling your whole house! All of the tips I listed above are tried-and-true, and I always feel so much better whenever I get to clear up just a little bit of that clutter.

What are your favorite tips to declutter your home? Share your secrets with me!



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