7 Truly Meaningful Beauty Goals We Should Aim For This Year

7 Truly Meaningful Beauty Goals We Should Aim For This Year

It’s kind of difficult to believe that a new year is here when it feels as though we barely experienced the last one. It’s such an odd feeling not to know for sure if the oncoming days will be much more different from the ones that we’ve been living through. But time waits for no one, and march on we must. I’m not sure about you, but having something to work towards always provides a good distraction from my worries.

Opinions vary on whether to set resolutions for the new year, with some people outright refusing to do so. I get it, we all listed things we wanted to accomplish as we counted down the days, hours, and minutes to midnight last NYE, only to watch it all be dashed against the rocky shores of a rapidly unfolding pandemic. If setting resolutions the regular way doesn’t quite feel right, why not be as unconventional in your goal setting as the year has been for all of us. Focus on the beauty goals you can exert a degree of control over. It’ll bring you a measure of comfort, as well as help you feel less overwhelmed.

If setting resolutions the regular way doesn’t quite feel right, why not be as unconventional in your goal setting as the year has been for all of us.


Carefully Consider Before Purchasing

As much as we’ve all reduced the amount of frivolous spending we engage in, indulging in retail therapy has for sure been a major coping mechanism for many in the last nine months. In 2021, there is room to figure out how to tighten our grips on our collective purse strings and think about how much we need things before we buy them. Receiving an Amazon package or two every week can light up the happy part of our monkey brains, but if you’re going from the former bad habit of purchasing a new eyeshadow palette for every occasion to collecting items like ATM piggy banks and mini karaoke microphones, you’re just exchanging one lousy spending habit for another.

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Throw Away Expired Products

It’s difficult to toss items in the bin when they’ve been purchased with our hard-earned money, but when it comes to beauty products, using formulations well past their “use by” date isn’t worth the consequent side effects. Buy only what you need at one particular time, unless it’s something like sunscreen, which you go through fairly quickly, and is sold in small tubes. There’s no point in purchasing and opening five serums at the same time, only to have to toss most or all of them before getting your money’s worth.

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Be Kind to Your Body

You might have put on a few extra pounds since March, and perhaps your body looks and feels different than you’re used to. That’s okay, you’re not alone. Boredom and anxiety about the pandemic blended into a not-so-tasty cocktail of indulgent eating and time spent on comfy surfaces. That plus gym closures has put quite a few of us in a pickle. A lot of people, myself included, now struggle to fit into anything other than drawstring-waist sweatpants and baggy tees, dreading the day when we have to try to squeeze back into our regular clothes.

The important thing to focus on is that you have made it thus far, despite all that the year has thrown at you. Instead of berating yourself, thank your body for having carried you through a global pandemic in relatively good health.

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Make Time For Weekly Self-Care

The lack of work-life balance has been discussed and written about at length, without much being done to correct the issue. The shelter-in-place orders forced us all to rest, recuperate, and measure our productivity differently. Whether or not you’ll be going back into the office when things get better, make a commitment to carving out some time each week to detox your mind and body. Sleep in, eat a delicious meal, spend some time in solitude, take a long walk. Do whatever brings you peace and makes you feel happy. And during that time, focus all your attention on yourself instead of worrying about the thousand other things you could be doing.

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Optimize Your Sleep

The hours of slumber are when your body does the important work of recharging and repairing itself. Adequate sleep improves T-cell function, which helps your body fight off infection. It also improves mood, memory, cognitive function, and athletic performance, regulates blood sugar, and reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke. And the reason sleep is referred to as beauty rest is because the skin performs rejuvenating tasks as you sleep, rebuilding collagen, repairing UV damage, improving circulation, and reducing the signs of aging.

Be intentional about how much rest you’re getting each night, making sure to wind down at least an hour before bed to eliminate distractions and ensuring that you fall asleep at an appropriate time so that you’re snoozing for at least seven hours.


Love All of Your Skin

We tend to focus on our imperfections, nitpicking about hyperpigmentation, acne, and lines on our faces. It’s not our fault though; that’s just the way products are marketed to us. We’re encouraged to buy wrinkle erasing creams, zit-zapping concentrates, and serums to give us “glass skin.” It’s up to us to make our beauty goals wholesome, focusing foremost on healthy skin. That means giving more attention to adequate hydration, the right amount of SPF protection, and proper cleansing technique. You can worry about the other stuff once you’ve got a solid foundation to build upon.


Do Your Research

If you still don’t know what your skin type is, figure that out. Learn which skin care ingredients work best for you and which are harmful. Then figure out which ones on the list of beneficial actives will help you reach your beauty goals. When you shop for products, pay attention to what they contain, making sure they’re formulated to work for your skin type, will impart nourishment, and don’t contain anything that might be potentially irritating. Don’t blindly purchase whatever’s advertised as the best new thing. Look up ingredient lists, read reviews from trusted sources, and even analyze product components if you must. Put in the work and good things will follow.

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What are some of your beauty goals for 2020? Let’s talk about them in the comments below!


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