7 Fun Apps That Just Make Life Easier & More Interesting

7 Fun Apps That Just Make Life Easier & More Interesting

I am not someone who has a million apps on her phone. I seldom scroll through the App Store “new and trending” page, and if I do download a random app, there’s a low likelihood that I’ll end up keeping it long-term.

Doing these app roundups has been a lot of fun for me, because it gives me a theme to focus on when I’m looking up new apps, and I always end up finding at least one or two new gems that add actual value to my life!

Today I’m sharing a few miscellaneous fun apps that are useful, interesting, boredom-curing, or cute because we all need more of that in our lives right now. Enjoy!


1. Widgetsmith

I absolutely love this app. If you’re an Android user, then this is probably old news to you, but iPhone users are still getting to revel in the fact that Apple has finally given us a workaround for changing our home screen themes and icons.

With Widgetsmith, you can add small, medium, or large widgets quickly and easily, and I like that it gives you the ability to preview what it will look like before you add it to your home screen. There are quite a few customization options available in the free version, but there is also a premium version you can purchase for even more features and personalization.


2. Libby

With as much as I love reading and listening to audiobooks, you would think that I would have been the first to know about this app, but nope! I’m pretty late to the game when it comes to learning about Libby.

This is an app that allows you to borrow ebooks and audiobooks from your local library without ever leaving your house! I like that you can send the books to your Kindle app for easier reading, and it also gives you the option to download your selections to your device so that they’re available offline.

The only downside is that there can be a waiting list, which frustrates me because I’m not particularly patient. However, if you have time and a library card, you can crush your 2021 reading goals without getting up from the couch. Nice!


3. Grammarly

Whether you’re spending a lot of time sending work emails from your phone, or you’re just not a great speller, this app can help you out. (There’s also a Chrome extension if you want in-browser assistance!)

Basically, Grammarly is the smarter, cooler version of the Microsoft Paperclip assistant (RIP buddy, we all loved you). In addition to correcting basic spelling mistakes, it also gives you grammar corrections and helps to streamline your writing so that it’s easier to read. It even offers style variations so that your boss, coworker, or client can easily skim your message and get all of the highlights.

I like it because it works with just about every major communication platform (professional and social media), and it’s free!


4. Gboard

Once again, Google is streamlining my existence, and I’m not mad about it. Gboard is a keyboard extension that offers an upgraded texting experience. When it’s enabled, you get a better swipe-to-type interface, better keyboard shortcuts, an easier way to search for and add gifs and memes to your chats (very important), and the ability to perform a Google search directly in your conversation.

I only recently discovered this one, but I’ve been playing with it nonstop, and it’s great! The swipe-to-type feature is much smoother than the one that Apple offers, and I like how easy it is to find the perfect gif for every conversation.


5. Wakie

If you’re easily bored, don’t have many people in your quarantine pod, or are simply an extrovert dying for more social interaction, Wakie might just be exactly what you’re looking for.

Initially, this fun app started as a novelty: You set a time, and you get a wake-up call from a random stranger (safely, via the app!) that’s limited to 60 seconds. You never know who is going to be on the other end of the line, so it’s like a fun little game of “good morning roulette.”

Now, the app has evolved into more than that. You can still connect with random strangers all over the world, but you can ask specific questions or browse through topics that other people have posted to find a person with whom you can share a conversation.

So, whether you want to practice your newly acquired German skills, have a philosophical 1 a.m. conversation, or just connect with a new person while staying safely at home, I think Wakie seems like a fun and safe way to do that!


6. Crumblyy

This is another boredom-crushing app that might even help you learn something (but in a fun way). Instead of mindlessly scrolling social media, you can instead scroll through Crumblyy and pick up some new, interesting life hacks.

The app is totally visual, much like Pinterest or Instagram, and it’s set up newsfeed-style, so it feels like social media. You can also explore through discover pages or curate a more specific feed based on your interests.

I think it’s fun learning new little tips, tricks, and bits of information to make life easier or more interesting, so I plan to start using this app more! If you enjoy pinning life hacks on Pinterest or browsing through productivity subreddits, this is a must-have app.


7. Flora

Productivity can be difficult when the Instagram discover page is literally within arm’s reach. Who wants to focus on spreadsheets and work emails when there are memes and funny pet videos right there? Uh, not me, that’s who.

I’ve mentioned in other articles that I have a couple of other tricks that help me be productive (like hiding my phone out of sight), but this fun app is a really cute alternative that helps!

Flora is a focus timer that lets you grow virtual trees while you’re completing a task (work, meditation, cleaning, whatever!). If you leave the app to do anything else while the timer is going, your adorable virtual tree dies. You do NOT want to be a tree murderer.

The app turns productivity into an aesthetically pleasing game that rewards you for growing your trees, and it even allows you to grow trees together with friends (beware though: If any of your friends leave the app, it kills the tree for everyone!). You can also make “bets” with yourself about not picking up your phone, and if you fail, Flora uses the money you wagered to plant real trees in places that need them.

And that’s it! Seven more apps that are cool, interesting, and useful additions to your phone. Do you have another favorite I should check out? Leave it in the comments below!


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