6 Shows to Binge Now That Will Inspire You & Make You Think

6 Shows to Binge Now That Will Inspire You & Make You Think

Things are opening up again all over the country, but much of the population is still spending a lot of time inside. After a year of isolation and fear, it’s taking a while for people to get used to socializing again. Vaccines aside, how are we supposed to go back to life as usual after so much time spent worrying about our safety? So if streaming content is still one of your favorite activities and you’re looking for recommendations, here are a few shows that I’ve watched and really loved, and hope you will too.


I May Destroy You (HBO Max)

This is most definitely one of the best shows I’ve watched this year. I knew Michaela Coel was talented after I watched her in Chewing Gum on Netflix, but I May Destroy You completely blew me away. Coel created, wrote, and produced both shows in addition to starring in them and co-directing the latter. The season follows Michaela’s character, Arabella, as she tries to figure out what happened the night she was sexually assaulted while out at a bar. I love it because it explores the issue of sexual assault through many lenses and to varying degrees. It’s a show that everyone needs to watch because so many people are unaware of the many forms that sexual violence can take.


The Nevers (HBO Max)

I initially passed on this show after watching the pilot, because there was a lot going on and no one was bothering to give an exposition. I attempted to watch it again after Kalista Edit’s editor-in-chief recommended it, followed by another friend’s glowing review. They were both right. The Nevers is a chaotic mish-mash of alien sightings, kickass women, and sinister plotting in Victorian England. A group of women (and a couple of men) combine their supernatural abilities and strengths to become a team that remains formidable in a world that wishes them dead. And even better, there’s a twist in the very last episode, setting up what promises to be a very interesting second season.


Vincenzo (Netflix)

Coming in second on my list after Hyena, which is also on Netflix, Vincenzo is definitely one of my top three Korean dramas this year. An orphan is adopted by an Italian family and winds up working as a lawyer and consigliere for the Italian mafia. When his boss dies, he returns to South Korea to retrieve an absurd amount of gold, and hijinks ensue.

Vincenzo Cassano is played by fan-favorite Song Joong-ki, who manages to serve up a delicate balance of smoldering charm, sweet cuteness, and burning wrath. It’s refreshing to see a show reflect what justice in the real world can really be like sometimes, compared to the way shows tie it up in a moralistic bow of trials and sentencing. Sometimes, someone has to be the bad guy who takes other bad guys out. Murder isn’t admirable, but it’s not always black and white. Throw in hilarious characters and classic blindside tactics, and you’re in for a good time.


WandaVision (Disney+)

Every fan of the MCU is familiar with Wanda Maximoff and Vision, and we all were moved by the incredibly sad scene towards the end of Avengers: Infinity War. In WandaVision, Wanda gets a chance to create a life with Vision, something she undoubtedly wanted before he was killed. And we get the chance to see two well-loved, underrepresented characters together. They’re a preternatural dynamic duo, and every episode is delightful. It’s Easter eggs galore for hardcore Marvel fans, and hopefully an opportunity to welcome Vision back into the Avengers roster.

Bonus: Katherine Hahn is a scene-stealing neighbor, and the show’s format is a fun sitcom-style where we, the audience, are actually tuning in to watch Wanda and Vision in their very own hit TV show.


P-Valley (Starz)

No description can quite do P-Valley justice. You simply have to watch and witness the magic for yourself. Set in fictional Chucalissa, Mississippi, P-Valley is set mainly in a strip club, run by non-binary, local eccentric Uncle Clifford, whose outfits are as bold and brave as the rest of the cast. It’s a de-fetishization of exotic dance, focusing instead on the sheer athleticism needed to pull off those pole tricks, and provides representations of queer love, fierce community, and brilliant self-expression in a place where no one would think to find it. There’s an engaging story that builds up through the episodes, finishing with a bang. I hope it comes back for season two.


Catastrophe (Amazon Prime)

American guy visits London for work and meets an Irish woman. Sparks fly and they embark on a six-day fling. However, when he returns to Boston, where he lives, she finds out she’s pregnant. They get married, have two kids, and do their best to navigate a life neither of them had imagined possible. Sharon Horgan is a comedic treasure, and Rob Delaney has a nihilistic brand of humor that most millennials can identify with. Catastrophe is a story of two people who unexpectedly become parents in their 40s, realizing how much work it takes to make a marriage work, amongst other issues.

Have you watched any good shows this year? What shows do you recommend we binge? Share in the comments!


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