6 Makeup Hacks That’ll Make Life So Much Easier

6 Makeup Hacks That’ll Make Life So Much Easier

I don’t know about you, but I love a good “hack.” I admit that I’m not a particularly patient person, so I’m always looking for shortcuts to make my life a little bit easier. Take makeup, for example. As much as I love watching 30- to 40-minute long videos of someone’s everyday makeup routine, I could never, ever attempt to recreate it myself. Thirty to 40 minutes on makeup alone? No thanks!

But even if time isn’t an issue, there are all sorts of cool ways to get the most out of your products and make your life just a tad bit easier. Read on to find out my favorite makeup hacks (that actually work!).


Apply Translucent Powder With a Damp Beauty Blender

Oily skinned ladies, listen up. Instead of finishing off your makeup look with a big swipe of translucent powder, instead, take a damp beauty blender, and apply powder to the areas that need it the most. For me, that’s my forehead and T-zone. Instead of the super matte, unnatural finish that a lot of translucent powders give, using a damp beauty blender to apply your powder sets your makeup without the harsh, drying look. See, oily girls can look dewy and natural, too!


Powder Before Foundation

This is my #1 makeup hack for getting your foundation to last all day long, even in the hot summer months. Simply apply your powder first! You can use my damp beauty blender hack above, or simply use a giant fluffy brush to apply a thin layer of powder over your moisturized face. Then, apply your favorite foundation (mine is the Pat McGrath Sublime Perfection Foundation, in case you were wondering). This helps blot out any oil and shine, as well as give your foundation more “grip” on your skin.

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Mix Your Foundation With Your Moisturizer

Applying foundation correctly is such a chore. You have to make sure to blend it well enough so it’s unclockable to the average person, while still making sure to cover any imperfections and dull skin. Best foundation hack? Just mix a pump of your foundation with an equal part of your daily moisturizer and boom! You have a tinted moisturizer that both hydrates your skin while giving it a more even glow. And you don’t have to blend for forever—just simply use your hands and fingers to apply. Easy peasy.

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Use Eyelid Primer on Your Nose

I don’t wear glasses, but I loooove a cute pair of sunglasses for the summer. But you know what I don’t love? That awkward smudge you get on your nose from where your glasses sit. It really messes up a whole makeup look! Instead, place and blend a tiny dab of eyelid primer where your sunglasses or eyeglasses rest, and be amazed. No smudges here!


Heat Up Your Pencil Liners

Do you have a pencil liner that tugs at your eyelid instead of gliding smoothly? Well, there’s a solution for that! All you need is a lighter and the pencil. Simply heat up the tip of the pencil for a few seconds and voilà! The heat warms it up so it becomes a creamy, gel-like pencil, perfect for smudging around your lash line for the perfect smoky eye.


Exfoliate Your Lips Using a Toothbrush

There’s no need to buy an expensive lip scrub! All you need to do is buy an inexpensive toothbrush and use it each night to gently scrub your lips. It works just as well (if not better!), and you’ll wake up in the morning with a perfect, supple pout.

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Do you have any favorite makeup hacks? Let me know in the comments!


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