You’ll Wonder How You Ever Survived Without These 6 Beauty Apps

You’ll Wonder How You Ever Survived Without These 6 Beauty Apps

I’m almost 30 years old, and even though that’s not ancient, most days I feel like an out-of-touch grandma. While I’m 100 percent on board with having smart everything and using tech to make my life easier, I also have to work a little harder than my Gen Z counterparts to figure out what’s cool.

I also recently upgraded to the newest iPhone, so I’ve been on an app-downloading binge. So, in the spirit of staying hip to what The Youths are doing, I decided to deep dive into the available beauty apps to try to find the best ones!

Here are some of the best beauty apps you should try now.


1. INCI Beauty

This is probably one of the most useful beauty apps out there. INCI is kind of like a more portable version of CosDNA. It allows you to analyze the ingredient lists of cosmetics right in the middle of the store, which is super convenient! You can either search their (pretty extensive) databases for a specific product name or ingredient, or you can scan the barcode of a particular product to see the full IL analysis.

INCI Beauty

The list will mark each ingredient with red, yellow, or green, which corresponds to EWG safety ratings. Personally, I don’t put much stock in EWG ratings, but it can be helpful to show you if there are potential irritants in your product. You can also search by ingredient, and if a product doesn’t exist in their database yet, you can add it.

As a bonus, you can tap on any of the ingredients in a list and it will show a little “cosmetic encyclopedia” entry about its function and where it’s most commonly used in beauty products.


2. kirakira+

I love playing with filters on Snapchat and Instagram (who doesn’t?). I especially love the ones that add subtle bits of sparkle to my photos, but most of them only work well if I’m taking a video.

This cute app fixes that! Kirakira+ is available for iPhone and Android, and it has a ton of cute sparkle effects that you can add to your photos and videos. The app is 99 cents, but that’s a small price to pay for cute, right?


3. Bellashoot

If you’re truly beauty obsessed, you should check out Bellashoot. Whether you want to connect with other beauty lovers, or you’re in desperate need of a specific hair or makeup tutorial, the Bellashoot community is full of like-minded people who can help you out.

beauty apps

You can find and share products, beauty tutorials, inspiration photos, and useful beauty tips all in one place. As someone who spends a lot of time searching YouTube and Pinterest for these kinds of things, I’m excited to download Bellashoot and hopefully save myself some time and aggravation!


4. Perfect365

This app calls itself “augmented reality beauty,” which sounds kind of intense. In truth though, I actually like the concept. Basically, Perfect365 lets you try out new hair, makeup, and brow styles without the real-world commitment. You can try on products and shades from specific brands, or you can just play around with virtual makeup looks that have been created by makeup artists from all over the world.

I’ve even seen a picture of someone trying on Beyonce’s over-the-top flower crown from her “Hymn For the Weekend” music video. Will my virtual look be as flawless as Queen B? Probably not. But I’m up for trying it anyway!


5. BeautyStash

I’ve also seen some people just refer to this app as “Stash.” There’s also an investment app with the same name though, so I suggest searching some variation of “BeautyStash” to make sure you find the right one.

Guys, the BeautyStash app is so cool. I haven’t had enough dedicated time to scan all of my products, but it basically lets you create a digital inventory of all of your beauty products so that you know exactly what’s in your stash at any given time. You can snap pictures, add descriptions, mark how many units you have, and even record when and where you got the product in case you need to return it.


I like that you can also add custom tags to your products so that you can search for all of your MAC lippies or The Ordinary skin care products at once. There’s even a feature that lets you create “collections” for all of your drawers, bins, and other beauty storage. You can add all of the products into separate collections, name the collection (e.g. “bedside sheet mask bin”), and know exactly where the item you’re looking for is located!


6. Selfie Editor

I’m not a big fan of selfie apps like Facetune and Meitu because of how often people go overboard with airbrushing away every perceived flaw. We all have pores! We all have lines! We’re humans, not aliens! But that’s a soapbox for another day.

beauty apps

While Selfie Editor does let you manipulate your overall appearance similarly to those other apps, it also has some cool filters and other features to up your selfie game. You can blur the background, add lens filters, remove the background entirely, or enhance the overall picture quality with photo effects.

I’m sure I’ve missed some other fun and useful beauty apps, so be sure to let me know about your favorites in the comments below!


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