5 WFH Beauty Hacks That’ll Turn Your Home Office Into a Mini Spa

5 WFH Beauty Hacks That’ll Turn Your Home Office Into a Mini Spa

Many people have started working from home full-time over the past months, which is quite the lifestyle change. As an avid beauty lover (and writer!) who’s been freelancing for the better part of a decade, I’d like to let you in on a little secret: WFH gives you the ultimate freedom to pursue your passion for beauty and practice self-care all day (okay, several times a day), every day. I thought I’d share some of my tried and tested WFH beauty hacks that work much, much better if you’re home most of the time. You might as well take advantage of the situation while it lasts!

WFH gives you the ultimate freedom to pursue your passion for beauty and practice self-care all day, every day.


Paint Your Nails While Working

Disclaimer: I always keep my nails super short (for optimal typing speed and playing violin), so I’m not sure if this works if you have longer nails.

I used to be that person whose nail color was never perfect—mainly because I always had the worst timing when it came to applying nail polish. Then I realized that doing it while using my computer allows my nails to go untouched for long stretches of time between coats, ensuring I don’t mess them up before they’ve had a chance to fully dry.


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Since I’ve started painting my nails while I work, I’ve also extended the practice to filing them, applying cuticle oil, and pushing my cuticles back while editing documents or reading articles for research beforehand, essentially turning the habit into a full manicure routine. Sure, doing my nails from beginning to end can stretch out over an entire morning or afternoon, but why not take advantage of the hours spent sitting at my desk anyway?


Indulge in Some Midday Masking

On top of its skin care benefits, many people associate masking—whether with a sheet mask or a wash-off formula—to relaxation. And if you’re one of them, that’s great! I like to apply masks while winding down from my day and catching up on YouTube videos or Netflix, but I also enjoy masking while working.

Now, this may not be an appropriate strategy if you spend most of your day on Zoom calls. Or it may, depending on your company’s corporate culture. But on days when I need a bit of a mood or skin boost, I like to turn to a nice AHA or moisturizing wash-off mask, or for a special treat (usually on Fridays), I pull out a fancy sheet mask from my stash. Think about it: You’re sitting in the same spot behind your computer screen for hours at a time. Ideal for giving your skin some extra TLC!



A friendly tip: if you’re worried about your sheet mask falling off (remember, we’re sitting upright and working, not lounging around on the couch), add a silicone mask on top to keep it in place.


Keep Hydration Levels High

Working from home and remaining makeup-free has its perks in terms of your skin always being ready to welcome some extra hydration. This is especially useful if you have dehydrated skin, but also, if your hands need a little more cherishing due to all that hand washing.

Because I write about beauty for a living, I tend to have skin care, hair, and makeup products strewn around my home office. But I make it a point to keep a little tray or basket filled with a selection of lip balms, face mists, hand cream, hair cream or oil, and multipurpose moisturizer next to my desk. I don’t use all of them every day, but I like to have options: Am I in the mood for more of a fruity lip scrub, or a minty lip balm? Maybe something a little plainer? Rosemary hand cream, or a fragrance-free formula because a bit of eczema popped up? Do I want a finer mist or a soft rose-scented one for a quick pick-me-up? Every time I indulge in one of my desktop skin care selections, it’s a small act of self-care that does me (not to mention my skin!) loads of good.



Treat Your Hair and Scalp

Planning to wash your hair later in the day? Take advantage of your time spent working by applying a pre-shampoo treatment to your scalp and lengths. Maybe you opt for an AHA scalp treatment or an essential oil complex for some exfoliating or deep-cleansing action. Maybe if your hair and ends tend to be dry, you work in a good coat of hair oil for extra nourishment. Or maybe you try my strategy and do both! I’ve even read articles that make a case for applying hair masks and deep conditioners before you shower, on dry hair. I haven’t tried it yet, but it’s something I’ll certainly be experimenting with soon.



Pamper Your Feet

While many people moisturize their soles while they sleep, I like to apply foot cream and then sit at my desk during a video meeting or while working on an article or translation. The key is to apply the moisturizer when you know you won’t have to get up for at least 15 minutes, giving it time to absorb into your skin. Alternatively, you could also use the opportunity to apply a foot peel or mask while you work.

Have you changed your beauty routine at all since you’ve started working from home? Any more WFH beauty hacks to share? Add them in the comments!



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