5 Ways to Be Productive If You’re Stuck in Bed (or Home, For That Matter)

5 Ways to Be Productive If You’re Stuck in Bed (or Home, For That Matter)

If you’re like me, the only places you’ve gone since March are:

  • The grocery store
  • Doctor’s appointments/pharmacy
  • The bed, the couch, the kitchen, back to the couch, the bathroom, then to the bed
  • Your favorite restaurant for curbside pickup

For me, the monotony of life during COVID-19 waxes and wanes. Some weeks I’m completely fine with cozying up in my house, low-fi hip-hop playing through my Bluetooth speakers while I’m playing Animal Crossing New Horizons. And other days, I would literally fight someone to be able to sit at my favorite cafe with an oat milk flat white and a book in hand. Sigh.

But the walls are about to close in for me even more as I prepare to have a pretty major surgery to have some uterine fibroids removed. I’ll be mostly bed/couch-ridden for a week at least, but I’m told full recovery could take anywhere from four to six weeks. I wasn’t really going anywhere before, but with my physical capabilities taken away, I’m definitely feeling a bit anxious about staying home.

While I’m recovering at home for four to six weeks, I want to be as productive as I can be, despite the circumstances.

On my agenda during recovery is catching up on all the TV shows and movies, fixing up my Animal Crossing Island, and of course, putting a major dent in my to-be-read book stack. But facing weeks of confinement at home are leaving me wanting to do more than watching TV and playing games. I want to be as productive as I can be, despite the circumstances, so I’ve come up with some fun things for me (and you!) to do while you’re stuck in bed (or even just home).


Learn Calligraphy and Hand Lettering

I’ve wanted to learn how to write in the “bridesmaids font” for years now, but never found the time to actually put forth the effort. And whaddya know! Now I have endless time! I bought this workbook from Amazon that’s a great start for beginners and also features tutorials for doodling, inspirational quotes, and lots of cool pages to color too.

productive at home


Do Some Origami

The last time I did origami I was like 10 years old, but I’ve always loved the cute origami paper—so much so that I bought stashes of it in S. Korea and Japan when I visited, and I’ve been hoarding it ever since. I’ve bookmarked a ton of YouTube tutorials and plan on giving the results to friends and family.


Paint By Numbers

I am not very artistic in the traditional sense—ask me to draw a picture of some random animal and it’s going to come out looking pretty awful. But paint-by-numbers? That I can do! Imagine my surprise when I learned that there are paint-by-number kits for adults that look like *real* artwork. My walls are pretty bare at the moment and could use some cool artwork, so I’m really excited to tackle a project like this!

productive at home
Etsy @BymyownhandsCrafts


Finally Learn How to Do a Winged Eyeliner (or Other Makeup That Eludes You)

I’m 33-years-old, and I still can’t do a winged liner to save my life. It doesn’t help that my eyes are slightly hooded, so it makes things even more challenging. Since I’ll have nothing but time for a month and half, my plan is to emerge from my cocoon (aka my bed) victoriously donning my epic winged liner. I also want to learn how to do a cut crease eye look and contour my face like a pro.


Start Learning a Language

I took French all four years of high school and Spanish for two semesters in college, and I’m still unable to speak either of them. TRAGIC. I’ve already started watching Netflix shows in Spanish and French to work on my listening skills, but I plan on focusing on vocabulary and speaking using Duolingo. The best part is, it only takes a few minutes a day, and it’s actually super fun (and kind of addicting!).


How have you been productive at home during this time? Share your tips with us!


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