5 Easy Ways to Achieve That Coveted Glow Everyone Wants

5 Easy Ways to Achieve That Coveted Glow Everyone Wants

The Glow is the holy grail goal of all beauty enthusiasts. We will try all kinds of wild and weird tricks to get one step closer to our goal, and no routine is too extra for the  most dedicated glow-seekers.

I haven’t reached Glow Nirvana just yet, but I’m slowly making progress every day! Today I’m going to share five of my favorite skincare and makeup tips for taking your glow game to the next level.


1. Boost Your Sheet Mask Game

Sheet masks are one of the top three products that turned my skin around when it was at its worst. I know that some people aren’t cool with the single-use aspect of them, and I get that, but if you can add regular masking to your routine, I truly can’t recommend it enough.

I’ll even tell you a secret: I’ve been regularly masking for about five years, and I’ve learned that quantity over quality seems to be the trick. Of course, it’s best to buy masks that you enjoy using (otherwise they’ll go to waste), but what I mean is that it’s more effective to use an affordable mask every day than it is to splurge on a handful of masks “just for special occasions.”

My friend Jude, aka Fiddy Snails, also turned me on to layering serums and oils underneath my masks too. It helps your skin absorb product better, and it almost always delivers a much longer-lasting glow.


2. Reach For Creams Instead of Powders

As someone with historically oily skin, I still freak out a little at the thought of NOT powdering my skin to high holy heaven. However, I’ve noticed that when I ease up on the powders, my skin looks much healthier.

get that glow

So, instead of powder foundation, blush, highlighter, and eyeshadow, I balance my makeup with some creamy products too. For instance, I use a tinted moisturizer and dust just a little bit of powder in my T-zone. I’ve also really fallen in love with cream blushes and liquid eyeshadows.

As long as I set my makeup well, I can stay on the “glowing” side of the line rather than the “wow she’s greasy” side. As someone who never had that pretty glow in her teens and early 20s, it’s such an amazing feeling to see the literal glow-up!


3. Dab Your Favorite Shimmery Gloss onto Your Cheek & Brow Bones

This trick gives me major middle and high school nostalgia. I can vividly remember using the sticky, plasticky-glass LipSmackers gloss on my eyelids because my mom wouldn’t let me use eyeshadow. Did my eyelids literally stick together? You better believe it. Did that stop me from doing it and thinking I was super cool? Absolutely not.

get that glow

I think it’s funny that this trend has come back around (albeit in a more grownup way, thank goodness). There are tons of non-sticky glosses now that actually make stellar eyeshadows, cheek tints, and brow bone highlighters! I’ve even seen some brands release “face gloss” products that are specifically meant to be used all over.

I’m not brave enough to coat my face in the high-sheen glosses, but if you have dry skin or better makeup skills than me, this tip can seriously boost your glow!


4. Mix a Little Glow into Your Base Makeup

This is another trick that initially made me cringe because of all of the trauma of having really oily skin for most of my life. Learning the difference between grease and glow was a big step for me, but as my skin gets healthier, the glow gets easier!

I especially like this tip for the dry winter months. I typically switch to a more moisturizing sunscreen, and I’ll also add some luminizing drops to my primer or tinted moisturizer. The key to this is remembering that less is more. You can always use a damp beauty sponge to blend more luminizer into your skin, but you can’t really reverse it if you get a little glow-crazy.

If you’re doing a no-makeup day, mix the luminizer or liquid highlighter into your final moisturizing step before sunscreen. Mixing anything with your sunscreen can alter the amount of protection you get, and that will definitely diminish your glow long-term.


5. Hydrate, and Then Keep Hydrating

Yes, definitely do hydrate your body (in fact, go sip some water right now; you know you need to), but I’m actually talking about topical hydration. Your skin is the very last in line to get any internal hydration, so you have to make sure that your external hydration game is strong too.

The best way to maintain a true, lit-from-within glow is to keep your skin as healthy and hydrated as possible. Make sure that your morning and evening routines are full of layers of moisture and hydration, and be sure to use a nourishing cream to seal everything in. The more that you pamper your skin, the less work you’ll have to do to make it glow! I’m all about low-effort beauty.

And there you go! Five easy ways to add some extra glow to your face and body, even in the cold, dry winter months. What are your favorite ways to get glowing?


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