5 Holiday Recipes to Treat Yourself (Because in 2020, We All Deserve It)

5 Holiday Recipes to Treat Yourself (Because in 2020, We All Deserve It)

The only part of the holidays I love more than Christmas lights is Christmas treats. Usually, I’m very much a “one holiday at a time thanks” kind of girl, but honestly? This year I’ve thrown all of my scruples out the window. I’m just trying to hoard any small bit of happiness I can find, even if that means making gingerbread in October.

So, in keeping with my “YOLO let’s celebrate everything all at once” mentality, today I’m going to share some of my favorite holiday treat recipes with you guys. These are all recipes that I’ve made and loved, so I know they’ll bring you at least a little bit of joy!


Homemade Peppermint Patties

You guys, I love peppermint patties more than just about any other candy ever. There’s something so satisfying about that creamy, minty center and the just-enough-chocolate coating that makes me so happy. Seriously, my fiancé buys me bags of individually wrapped York peppermint patties whenever I’m PMSing.

holiday treat recipes

I like how easy this recipe is, and the results are super tasty!

The recipe says to use an electric mixer, but if you don’t have one (I don’t), mixing it by hand isn’t too difficult!

Also, instead of using chocolate sprinkles, you can use fun glittery ones, or cute shapes, or none at all! You do you. I like to mix it up with whatever strikes my fancy that day.

These holiday treats are also great to give as gifts! They can even survive the mail if you’re sending them when it’s cold out.


Cranberry Cobbler

I wait ALL YEAR for cranberries. I love them, and I will inhale them like nobody’s business.

That being said, I also love cobbler. Pretty much any kind of cobbler. It’s the perfect blend of sweet, buttery, chewy, fruity goodness that just makes my mouth water even thinking about it.

The Pioneer Woman

Whenever I make cobbler, I always use this recipe from The Pioneer Woman. Anytime I need delicious comfort food, she never lets me down.

The recipe I linked is for a more bread-y and crusty than traditional cobbler, but I absolutely love it. If you prefer a more traditional, “cobbler-y” cobbler, then use this recipe instead! Both are delicious.

Also, bonus tip: When you’re getting your cranberries ready to be cobblered (yes that’s a word now), toss them in lemon juice and brown sugar! The lemon juice makes the tart berry flavor pop, and the brown sugar adds a touch of extra sweetness that really pulls it all together.


Gingerbread Latte (Slow Cooker-Style!)

I love when I can pull my slow cooker out of hibernation and start making soups and hot drinks in it again. (Yes, I know I could do that all year, but it just hits differently when it’s chilly outside and cozy inside, you know?)


The recipe for this holiday treat is crazy simple—just throw everything into the slow cooker, stir it once halfway through cooking, and boom you’ve got a delicious, creamy coffee drink that just screams “holiday joy!”

You can grab the full gingerbread latte recipe here.

If you like for your gingerbread to be extra spicy (like me), add a dash of black pepper and chili powder (yes, trust me!). The extra spices really amp up the holiday spiciness without overwhelming it. Also, try subbing in brown sugar for plain white sugar. It takes the drink to a whole new level!


Virgin Winter Sangria

I love boozy sangria just as much as the next girl, but it’s nice to have non-alcoholic options, especially if you’re sharing the house with kids or people who don’t drink much. No need to tempt fate with a whole pitcher of sangria all for yourself, right? (Unless you’re at that point in your 2020. I’m not judging.)

holiday treat recipes

Anyway, this virgin sangria uses all of the delicious berry and spice trappings of normal winter sangria, but it adds chai tea and grapefruit seltzer into the mix!

Personally, I like to double the amount of chai used and sub in Polar Half & Half seltzer instead of the grapefruit La Croix the recipe calls for. The Polar option is half grapefruit and half lemon, and I think it gives the drink a better flavor!

You can check out the recipe here.


Holiday Dessert Lasagna

I’m going to give you guys a 2-for-1 special in this last recommendation because I can’t decide which I love more.

holiday treat recipes

First, this Christmas lasagna is so freaking cute and festive that I can’t not share it with you guys.

It looks a little bit intimidating, but I swear it’s really easy to put together. It’s a buttery shortbread crust on the bottom, a refreshing and creamy peppermint cheesecake layer in the middle, and a white chocolate pudding layer on top, and the whole thing is garnished with whipped cream and mini marshmallows!


The second one is for those times when you just need chocolate with a side of chocolate, topped in chocolate. Like the Christmas lasagna, this hot chocolate lasagna is no-bake and pretty easy to put together. There are a couple of extra steps, but it’s so worth it. You get an Oreo crust, a hot chocolate mousse layer, and a chocolate pudding layer, plus there’s whipped cream and melted chocolate or Nutella on top. Talk about heaven!


Don’t Be Shy—Treat Yo’ Self

I have an embarrassing number of sweet and savory holiday treat recipes saved in my bookmarks, but I’m always on the lookout for more!

Do you have a favorite holiday treat recipe I should try? Do you want more specific suggestions? Let me know in the comments!


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