Hate the Cold? These 5 Unique Gadgets Will Keep You Warm All Winter

Hate the Cold? These 5 Unique Gadgets Will Keep You Warm All Winter

Are you one of those people who hates winter? Are you constantly grumbling about being cold? Don’t worry, fam—I’ve got you covered.

I’m in the minority of people who enjoy winter. Sweaty summer weather makes me very irritable, so I welcome the freezing cold whenever it finally shows up. However, the rest of my family does NOT share my love for winter, so I hear a lot of grumping about the cold.

The truth is, I like the cold, but I also like being able to get super warm and cozy. So, in my quest to find practical gifts for my family to keep them warm, I’ve found several gadgets that I actually love too.

Here are five of my favorite gadgets to keep warm!


1. Heated Eye Masks

You’re probably familiar with the single-use warming eye masks that have been popular among beauty enthusiasts for several years. However, did you also know that there are electric heated eye masks? I didn’t until recently, but wow are they game changers!

gadgets keep warm

I never cared much for the single-use warming masks because I never felt like they got warm enough or stayed warm for very long. I discovered that they make electric ones with time and temperature settings, and I have been a lady of toasty luxury ever since.

There are tons of options available, but I snagged this adorable cat eye mask on Amazon for less than $20, and I love it. The inside of the mask is silk, and the carrying pouch is really sturdy and stylish. If you have chronically dry eyes, you can even moisten a tissue or handkerchief and treat your eyes with moist heat. (This is my preference. It’s incredibly soothing!)


2. Heated Insoles

We’ve all seen the electric foot warmers that our grandmas have, but those are kind of bulky and inconvenient. I prefer portable heat so that I can move around AND have warm feet.

gadgets keep warm
Snook-Ease slippers with microwavable insoles

There are single-use heated toe warmers and insoles, but I like ones that can be reused. Microwavable heated insoles (like these) are perfect and super easy to use. They also make USB-rechargeable heated insoles that you can put in any of your shoes, so you can be anywhere and still have toasty toes.


3. Travel Electric Blankets

If you spend a lot of time in the car, or your heat takes forever to warm up, I think that it’s worth the investment to get a heated blanket that’s intended for use in a vehicle. This would also be a great gift for anyone who goes RV camping, hunting, or fishing!

Car heating blanket

These blankets are low-voltage, so they’re safe for use in a vehicle and won’t drain your battery. They also heat up quickly, which I love! You can even turn them on and lay them over your seat to warm up cold leather on chilly days.

Bonus tip: I’ve seen several people recommend these as an emergency kit staple!


4. Warming Mattress Pads

As if I needed another reason to never leave my bed again! I recently discovered heated mattress pads, and now I am obsessed. They’re surprisingly inexpensive and really easy to use. They come in all different colors and sizes, and most of them have multiple heat settings. I’ve even seen some with “zoned heating,” so you can choose which parts of the mattress to warm up. (I’m thinking cold feet and soothing cramps, right?)

Degrees of Comfort heated mattress pad

My fiance is very warm-natured in general, so he would veto most heated mattress pad options. If you’re in the same boat as me, I have good news! There are several good options that have dual heat controls, so he can control his side and I can control mine. Perfect.


5. Heated Electric Shawl

Okay, so this is basically a toasty Snuggie-poncho, but since Snuggie is a brand name, other brands have to call them something different. But really. These are like soft, plush electric blankets that are made to be worn. You can wrap yourself up and snap it closed like a shawl or poncho, or you can use it like a regular blanket.

Beautyrest electric poncho

I think that these are especially great for working from home because you get all of the cozy warmth of a heated blanket, but you have sleeves so that your hands are free to type or use the phone. Plus, some of them even look like nice sweaters, so you could probably get away with wearing them during Zoom calls.


Cute and Cozy Bonus: Heated Mouse Pad

I don’t use my mouse enough for this to be practical for me personally, but it was way too cute not to share with you guys!

gadgets keep warm

This super cute plush mouse pad house looks like the perfect gadget to keep your clicking hand warm. The temperature is adjustable, and it has an auto-off timer so that you don’t have to worry about accidentally leaving it on. I also like that it looks easy to take apart and clean if you need to.


Stay Warm All Winter

I love how many cool gadgets exist now for keeping us toasty and comfy no matter how cold it is outside (or inside). What are your favorite gadgets to keep warm?


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