From Boy Brows to Extensions, 5 Eyebrow Trends to Update Your Look

From Boy Brows to Extensions, 5 Eyebrow Trends to Update Your Look

I’m obsessed with great eyebrows. I think it stems from the fact that my natural brows are white blonde and basically invisible, so I have to put a considerable amount of time and effort into making mine look good every day. That translates to me noticing everyone else’s eyebrows too and appreciating the effort it probably took to groom them.

I don’t really partake in most of the eyebrow trends that go in and out of style, but I do like to keep up with them to see if there’s something new that I can try to enhance the shape and look of my own brows. I’m not super adventurous when it comes to straying from hair, makeup, or eyebrow styles that I know look good on me, but I think it’s fun to see what other people are doing!

If you are one of those adventurous people, or if you’re looking for something new to try while you’re bored at home (hello quarantine life), maybe you’ll enjoy testing out these 2020 eyebrow trends!


Eyebrow Extensions

I mean, I guess we all had to know this was coming. We have hair extensions and lash extensions, so why not eyebrow extensions too? Personally, I’m not a huge fan of this eyebrow trend, but I can see how people with a pretty flexible beauty budget might benefit!


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Brow extensions work basically the same as lash extensions. A technician uses surgical glue to attach individual hairs either directly to your skin (to fill in bare spots) or to the ends of your natural brow hairs. This adds volume and lets you change the overall shape and size of your eyebrows, which is pretty fun in my opinion. Extensions also give you a lot of flexibility to change up the entire look of your face just by tweaking how your brows look.

The only big downside is that they tend to be pricey, and they usually don’t last more than a few weeks before you need a fill-in.


Eyebrow Laminating

When I came across this term at first, I laughed out loud because I was picturing some kind of plasticky laminate over your brows. Fortunately, that’s not quite what this is.


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Lamination is actually described by beauty experts as more like a safe perm for your brows. It’s a whole process that involves trimming and waxing your brows first to get a good, basic shape as a foundation. Then, special lotions are applied to straighten, set, and moisturize the brows. The end result is full, fluffy brows that stay put without the fuss of spoolies and pomades.


Eyebrow Wigs

Oh yes, you did indeed read that correctly. I said eyebrow wigs. As in, toupees for your brows.

As far as I understand it, this wasn’t originally a beauty trend, per se. They were created for people who have hair loss issues so that they could have natural-looking brows. I think that’s awesome. Eyebrows really do make a big difference in how your face looks, so I think it’s amazing that people have this option.


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More recently, people have been buying brow wigs as a way to change up their look in a dramatic (but temporary!) way.

They do take some initial trimming, and there is definitely a learning curve when it comes to picking a shade and gluing them properly into place, but I think that the concept is really interesting, especially if you’re a survivor of the ’90s overplucking craze and your brows haven’t quite recovered yet.


The Instagram Fade

If you’ve ever watched a beauty influencer on YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok, you’re pretty well acquainted with what I like to call “The Beauty YouTuber Brow.” I’ve seen other people call it “the Instagram brow,” the “HD brow,” or simply “the fade,” but they’re all talking about the same thing.


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This is another eyebrow trend I don’t personally use, but that’s mostly just because I don’t wear full or heavy makeup very often, so it looks out of place on me. If you like doing a full face, then this could definitely have a spot in your brow game!

The trick here is to go from light to dark. The beginning part of your brow should look barely there and then get progressively bolder and more dramatically dark as you reach the tail. To achieve the full effect, you can also use a pencil to sharply define the outline of your brow shape and get clean, sharp edges with a small brush and some concealer.


Boy Brows

These aren’t exactly a “new” trend, but I’ve noticed a recent resurgence in my social media feeds. “Boy brows” typically refers to a style that’s straight rather than arched, and fluffy rather than groomed and well-defined.


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This is one of my favorite eyebrow trends! My natural brows are pretty thick (once I’ve tinted them so that you can actually see them, sigh), so this is a low-effort style for me.

Boy brows are fun too because there’s no “right” way to do them. Even if you have thinner brows, you can still use a spoolie and some product to tease them into a sort of “intentionally disheveled” fluffy look that’s as cool and casual as that hot guy you pass in Starbucks every morning (you know the one).


Live Your Best Brow Life

Most eyebrow trends are blessedly low-commitment to try out (and if they’re not, you probably shouldn’t be doing them. Ahem, eyebrow shaving). And since we’re all wearing masks anyways, you have some extra incentive to experiment with new brows!

What’s your favorite (or least favorite) eyebrow trend? Tell me about it in the comments!


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