5 Drama-Free Beauty Vloggers and Skinfluencers to Watch in 2020

5 Drama-Free Beauty Vloggers and Skinfluencers to Watch in 2020

The beauty YouTube community has been weathering a number of storms these past weeks, with some of its biggest stars calling it quits or being called to leave the video platform by outraged fans. In-feuding and overly dramatic apology videos have created a new genre of “beauty drama,” with “drama channels” analyzing every tiny aspect of the scandals.

This is not the first time beauty YouTube has been shaken up by scandal. Now that Dramageddon and Dramageddon 2 have been followed up by the latest Karmageddon feud, more and more people perceive beauty influencers to be toxic and, alas, unwatchable at this point in time. Even if dramatic fights and staged apologies aren’t an issue for some, the general opinion seems to be that there are no trustworthy, authentic voices (and faces) left in the beauty vlogger community.

But contrary to the current negative views, there is still plenty of excellent, authentic content out there in the vast world of beauty YouTube. If you are unsure where to look for your next beauty YouTube fix—preferably drama-free and more down-to-earth than what the algorithm tends to push on viewers—here are five drama-free beauty vloggers who are an oasis of calm and serenity in the midst of these tempestuous times.

Done with Dramageddon? Here are five drama-free beauty vloggers who are an oasis of calm and serenity in the midst of these tempestuous times.



The queen of all things skin care, Gothamista—aka Renée—rose to fame during the height of the Asian beauty craze and has steadily increased her YouTube and social media fan base since the inception of her channel in 2014.

Sitting at almost 600K subscribers, Renée is a consistently calm presence on the video platform, with a stylish minimalist aesthetic that feels oh-so soothing in a world of over-the-top influencers. Apart from having that certain unique stylishness New Yorkers seem to embody so effortlessly, Renée also readily shares her vast knowledge about skin care with her viewers, especially when it comes Asian beauty and European pharmacy brands.

Renée is a consistently calm presence, with a stylish minimalist aesthetic that feels oh-so soothing in a world of over-the-top influencers.

Her video style is clean and simple in the best of ways, presenting skin care facts in a calm, pleasant voice and engaging manner. Renée just oozes understated classiness, and thankfully most of the beauty products she discusses are a good mix of high-end and affordable. Among her favorite brands are French pharmacy classics such as La Roche-Posay or Bioderma, but she is also known to enjoy the more luxurious Peter Thomas Roth or SkinCeuticals products.

Top Picks from Gothamista’s channel:

1. Retinoids For Beginners: Renée’s tips for retinoid beginners will help eliminate the anxieties around potential side effects when starting a retinol journey. The advice given sounds genuine and do-able, with a few easy-to-follow steps to ease into this skin care treatment.


2. Prebiotic Skin Care: With prebiotic and probiotic skin care a big trend right now, the Gothamista video on prebiotic skin care is a fascinating look into why fermentation offers so many benefits for sensitive and reactive skin in particular.


3. How to Treat Milia: Milia, those pesky little bumps around the eye area, which can be triggered by richer cream textures, are hard to get rid of once they appear. Renée’s tutorial on how to treat and prevent milia offers easy-to-follow tips for sufferers, plus product recommendations.


James Welsh

If you are looking for an “eargasm” to bliss out to while also learning about skin care in an unpretentious and engaging way, then British skinfluencer James Welsh is a must-follow. Even though he has only been on YouTube since 2015, his videos have attracted over 832K subscribers in a short amount of time.

No wonder, given the winning combo of charm and wittiness when discussing common skin problems and how to fix them. Apart from being truly knowledgeable about skin care and always ready to try the latest indie or Asian beauty brands, James also happens to have one of those British accents that tend to make non-Brits swoon. Oh, and his twin brother Robert, who happens to be a makeup artist, also has his own successful and very much drama-free YouTube channel!

Top Picks from James Welsh’s channel:

1. Instagram vs. Reality: James’ Instagram vs. reality video breaks down how beauty influencers use editing apps such as Facetune to alter the appearance of their skin down to the last pore.


2. Vitamin C: Among his manifold videos on skin care ingredients, James’ explanation on how to use vitamin C is a must-watch, since incorporating this somewhat volatile active ingredient can be a bit tricky for newbies.


3. How to Reduce Pores: Pore problems are common, unfortunately, and so it is no wonder that the tutorial on how to reduce the appearance of pores is one of the most popular videos on the channel. James gives great advice here without overpromising on results, which is always a plus when it comes to beauty content creators.


Lisa Eldridge

Makeup artist to the stars Lisa Eldridge decided to start her channel in 2008, after watching a beauty tutorial on YouTube and instantly being fascinated by the possibilities of the video platform. Her first tutorial video was an entirely spontaneous affair, a “morning after” makeover look inspired by true life, since she had just come back from a party.

Given her incredibly successful career as a makeup artist to a number of A-list celebrities such as Kate Winslow and Keira Knightley, plus her involvement in a number of editorial fashion and beauty shoots in renowned magazines, her channel quickly went from a secret tip to a highly popular staple for makeup lovers worldwide with by now over 2 million subscribers.

With A-list clients like Kate Winslow and Keira Knightley, Lisa Eldridge went from a secret tip to a popular staple for makeup lovers worldwide.

Not only has Lisa managed to stay out of drama entirely throughout her 12 years on the video platform, she has also been incredibly generous in sharing her artistic knowledge, passion for the history of makeup, and innate understanding of colors.

Viewers love her soothing presence and the sophisticated, articulate presentation of her world-renown makeup techniques. Apart from showing many wearable versions of her editorial and red carpet looks, Lisa regularly invites incredible guest makeup artists to showcase their celebrity client looks. The channel also features models of various ages and skin tones, from professional models to everyday people.

Top picks from Lisa Eldrige’s channel:

1. Victoria Beckham: Smile your way through a fun role-reversal tutorial in which former Spice Girl and style icon Victoria Beckham does a beautiful smoky eye look on a slightly nervous Lisa, while casually chatting about her own brand, her family life, and her love of makeup.


2. Indian bride: Lisa creates not one but two stunning makeup looks for an Indian bride-to-be with vitiligo in an exceptional gem of a video tutorial. Not only is it a great lesson in concealing techniques from a true professional, the interactions between Lisa and her bridal model also feel incredibly soothing and uplifting.


3. Adele: Another highlight on the channel is Michael Ashton creating an enchanting, wearable look inspired by his long-time work with superstar Adele. And yes, that includes him showing us how to get that eyeliner cat flick just right!


Nyma Tang

Not only are Black content creators still woefully underrepresented in the beauty industry, there is also a pervasive problem with colorism in regards to the skin tones represented in the deeper shade ranges of most beauty brands.

Beauty influencer Nyma Tang started her YouTube channel in 2013 and rose to fame through her excellent and often shocking “darkest shade” makeup reviews, with over 1.24 million subscribers to date. As a deep-toned Black woman, Nyma reveals the exasperating reality of being faced with the impossible task to find makeup base products for her skin tone in her videos.

Even though her “darkest shade” reviews are probably among her best-known content, Nyma has also created a variety of makeup tutorials on her channel, which are a joy to watch thanks to her soothing voice and stunningly beautiful presence.

Top picks from Nyma Tang’s channel:

1. $800 Worth of Bronzers: Hilarious and exasperating at the same time, Nyma’s review of $800 worth of bronzers in the darkest shades available is a revealing watch. Most of the high-end products turn out to be even too light to make for a good highlighter, let alone be used to contour and sculpt dark skin.


2. MUA Daniel Martin: Meghan Markle’s makeup artist Daniel Martin watches Nyma do her makeup. Their conversations about the best application techniques, colorism in the beauty industry, and the differences between makeup artist and beauty influencer is a true treat for makeup nerds.


3. Soft Glam Look: Nyma’s tutorial for a stunning but still very natural, soft glam look is easy to follow and adaptable to either special event makeup or a more toned down, everyday version.


Lab Muffin Beauty Science

Created by Australian science blogger Michelle Wong in 2017 and currently sitting at 149K, Lab Muffin Beauty Science has become a household name when it comes to busting anti-scientific skin care myths.

Michelle has a PhD in chemistry and thus knows how to interpret peer-reviewed studies without falling for “science-washing” or junk science. Even more fortunate for us mere mortals with only a basic grasp of science, she also has the invaluable talent to present complex facts in an easygoing and highly engaging way.

From debunking anti-scientific beliefs to explaining the science behind skin care ingredients such as niacinamide, Michelle’s channel is a well of knowledge, always presented in a relaxed manner utterly free from condescension or needless drama.

Top picks from the Lab Muffin Beauty Science channel:

1. SPF Myths: Explaining the science behind sun protection is one of the things Michelle is best known for, so her video on busting sunscreen myths is a not-to-be-missed channel highlight.


2. Acne Tips: If you suffer from blemishes and impurities, Michelle’s top 5 tips for acne will be a godsend, with science-backed knowledge galore on how to combat this all too common skin condition.


3. How Olaplex Works: As someone who loves to experiment with hair colors, I was fascinated by Michelle’s video explaining how famous hair treatment Olaplex works and what happens to our hair structure during the bleaching process.


Who are your fave drama-free beauty vloggers?


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