5 Cozy Slow Cooker Recipes That’ll Make You Glad It’s Cold Out

5 Cozy Slow Cooker Recipes That’ll Make You Glad It’s Cold Out

When I was a kid, I really wasn’t a fan of slow cooker meals. To me, everything tasted mushy and flavorless. As I grew up, I shied away from using a slow cooker because I assumed that “uniformly flavorless mush” was just the way Crockpots worked.

Thankfully, I was wrong. Oh SO very wrong. As it turns out, I just needed a combination of the right slow cooker recipes and my own cooking experience to churn out easy and absolutely delicious meals.

I don’t use my slow cooker a ton in the summer, simply because it’s hard for me to enjoy cozy foods when it’s swampy and awful outside. However, as soon as that fall breeze hits, you better believe I’m dusting her off and prepping for all of my favorite soups, chilis, and comfort foods!

As soon as that fall breeze hits, you better believe I’m dusting off my slow cooker and prepping for all of my favorite soups, chilis, and comfort foods!

I’ve compiled a pretty hefty bookmarks folder full of slow cooker recipes, so today I’m going to share a few of my favorites with you guys so that we can enjoy easy, hearty, and (mostly) healthy meals together!


Crockpot Chicken Gnocchi Soup

This is one of the most filling soups I’ve ever made! Between the gnocchi, the shredded chicken, and the veggies, one mug leaves me feeling stuffed. Unlike a lot of thicker soups, there’s no calorie-laden butter or heavy cream in this recipe. It does have evaporated milk, but you can sub in flour or a bit of extra cornstarch if you need to cut out the dairy.

I usually add extra spinach and extra spices, and I always have enough leftovers for days afterward!

slow cooker recipes

You can grab the full recipe here.


Healthy Turkey Chili

This is the kind of chili that you’ll get wild cravings for after you’ve tasted it once. It’s packed with beans, ground turkey, peppers, tomatoes, and spices, and it goes perfectly with some sweet cornbread and a huge dollop of avocado and sour cream.

Even though there are only two of us in the house who will eat this chili, I intentionally bought a bigger Crockpot so that I could make a bigger batch of it because it never lasts us long enough! I can eat it for a week without getting tired of it.

slow cooker recipes

Here’s the full recipe!

I like to use creamed corn and pre-chopped veggies (I’m a lazy chef). Also, add a dash of cinnamon and soy sauce to the chili about halfway through to really pull all of the flavors together.


Easy Crockpot Orange Chicken

This one isn’t necessarily the healthiest recipe in the list, but it is super easy AND incredibly delicious. I love orange chicken, especially served over buttery egg noodles or fluffy rice.


I’ve made the recipe as written (which you can grab here), but I’ve also just subbed in some chicken broth, extra soy sauce, and orange juice instead of BBQ sauce for a more orange-y experience. Add a little bit of lemon juice too! The extra citrus brightens up the flavor.


Slow Cooker Mozzarella-Stuffed Meatballs

If left on my own, I will literally just eat good meatballs as a meal. No silverware. No plate. Just straight out of the container. I’m a monster.

Naturally, when I found a recipe that lets me stuff cheese INTO the meatballs, I was sold. This is a crazy simple recipe that can easily be scaled up or down, and it can even be prepped ahead of time for even easier cooking.

slow cooker recipes

I’ve made these both in the oven and in the slow cooker. Neither way is difficult, but baking them is definitely faster, so if you’re ever pressed for time, I’d recommend baking! They’re just as tasty.

Here’s the full recipe!


Quick and Simple French Dip Sandwiches

French dip has been one of my favorite sandwiches since I was a kid. There’s just something about that umami flavor and juicy roast in a sandwich that I just can’t resist.


Even if you don’t necessarily want sandwiches (my fiancé doesn’t appreciate them nearly as much as I do), you can still make the roast according to the recipe and serve it with veggies, potatoes, or pasta instead! He always goes back for seconds, so this recipe is definitely a winner in my house.

Whether you’re serving sandwiches or not, I do recommend adding some beef bouillon, black pepper, and additional seasoning to the recipe. I felt it was a little too bland otherwise.


Get Cozy With Comfort Foods

I hope you and your family get as much enjoyment out of these recipes as I do. If you have your own favorite slow cooker dishes, drop a link to the recipe in the comments below!


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