5 Beauty Hacks to Help Beat the Heat

5 Beauty Hacks to Help Beat the Heat

One of the most unfortunate parts of summer is the fact that it makes me sweaty so quickly. In the South especially, the humidity can make it feel twice as hot as the thermometer says, and that makes for a loooong day.

Over the years, I’ve discovered a few beauty tricks to beat the summer heat, and today I’m going to round up five of my favorites so that we can have the fun kind of hot girl summer and not the sweaty kind.


1. Chilled Sheet Masks

One of my favorite summer skincare treats is to stash a handful of sheet masks in the door of my fridge and pop one on after a hot, sweaty day. Sometimes my air conditioning can’t keep up with the wicked Southern heat and humidity, so I’m extra appreciative of the cooling effects of a chilled mask. You can refrigerate any sheet mask, and you can even put your favorite jelly wash-off mask into the fridge too!

If you don’t enjoy the feeling of a cold sheet mask, you could just refrigerate a tub of hydrogel eye or lip patches instead. This allows you to get the refreshed feeling but in a more targeted way.


2. Foldable Hand Fans

I love a nice folding fan, especially when it has a pretty pattern on it. These are a great, super lightweight alternative to USB rechargeable fans or the tacky-yet-refreshing spray bottle fans that you can wear around your neck. You can find tons of different options on Amazon, or if you live near a Daiso, they usually have a big stock of surprisingly sturdy and cheap foldable fans too.


3. Fruit Infuser Water Bottles

I’ll be the first to admit that I rarely drink enough water in a day, especially during the summer when it’s so much easier to get sweaty and dehydrated. Hydration supplements like Liquid I.V. definitely help, but sometimes I just want plain water with a touch of flavor rather than the full punch that flavored waters have.

beauty to beat the heat

These fruit infuser water bottles are a great compromise. They make it easier to drink more water (because plain water can get pretty boring), and you get to choose the combination of flavors! I especially like the Hydracy bottle I linked above for a few reasons:

– The infuser part is deep and wide, so you get more space to pack in fruit.
– It comes with an insulated sleeve to prevent condensation mess.
– It’s easy to clean and has a locking lid, so it’s ultra-portable!

As a bonus, you can freeze your fruit beforehand so that it doubles as ice! With the insulated sleeve, your water will stay cool and fresh for hours.


4. Fresh-smelling Perfumes & Body Sprays

I used to be a “one-and-done” kind of girl when it came to scents. I had one perfume that I liked, and I wore it all year long. My love affair with that perfume is still going strong (it’s Versace Versense, in case you’re wondering), but I’ve now learned the power of having a perfume wardrobe!

beauty to beat the heat

I’ve been sampling new scents lately, and I’ve noticed that fresh, clean, citrusy perfumes just make the summer days a little more bearable. Smelling good is important to me (especially when the weather is hot and sticky), so discovering that summery perfumes can be a refreshing pick-me-up on sweaty days has made me even more eager to try out new scents.


5. Facial Massage Ice Rollers

I knew that you could put your jade rollers and gua sha tools into the fridge for a cooling sensation, but I only recently learned about ice rollers. Apparently, they’re old news to people who deal with migraines, but they’re a new and exciting discovery for me.

beauty to beat the heat

There are lots of options available online, but most of them look like this one. If you’re using them for a morning or evening relaxation and depuffing session, you’ll only need them for up to 20 minutes. However, I’m told that most of them can stay cold for a few hours when they’re completely frozen. This means that you could definitely pack this beauty tool in the cooler to beat the heat on beach days or family picnics!


How Do You Survive Summer?

What are your beauty tricks for beating the heat on sticky summer days? Let me know in the comments!


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