Go Bold This Summer With 10 Fun Beauty Ideas to Try

Go Bold This Summer With 10 Fun Beauty Ideas to Try

Summer is here, and after the year and a half we’ve all had, it feels extra special. Dressing lighter, going berry picking, eating ice cream and other frozen treats, and spending days by the pool and evenings on the patio—there is just so much to love about the warm season. And with many places in North America having lifted some of their mask and physical distancing restrictions, it’s opened what seems like a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to simply reveling in the season and socializing.

If there is one thing the pandemic has taught us, it’s how to embrace today and enjoy life’s little pleasures. Case in point: Over the past several months, some of us have discovered the joys of turning to skincare as self-care, while it has cemented the importance of that ritual for others. Now, in addition to that, why not throw on a bold lip, do something different to your hair, and get creative with the rest of your beauty routine? Go ahead, throw caution to the wind (not where your health is concerned, of course), and take some beauty risks in the spirit of celebrating the season and our newfound collective freedoms (thanks, vaccination!). Here are a few fun beauty ideas to get you started.

If there is one thing the pandemic has taught us, it’s how to embrace today and enjoy life’s little pleasures. So why not throw on a bold lip or do something different to your hair?


1. Up Your Lip Game

Not having to mask up as often (if at all) means finally being able to break out your favorite lippies or experiment with new hues. Whereas makeup has been all about playing up the eyes for the past while, it’s time to give your pout some well-deserved attention. Coral and orange tones are go-tos for summer, and you can never go wrong with classic red. But this season, raspberry lips are also trending—and oh so lovely!

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2. Go Extra Dewy …

Being able to reveal your entire face in social situations puts experimenting with different skin finishes back on the table. Why not go for a fresh, dewy summer look now that the mask is off? The key: an über-hydrating skincare routine, and a bit of bronzer and highlighter for good measure. Top it off with a glossy lid for something a little different.


3. … Or Totally Bare-Faced

If staying home and not seeing people as often has helped you embrace your natural complexion as is, there is zero pressure to present yourself any other way. Take pride in owning your beautiful, unaltered, makeup-free face and revel in the freedom to reapply your sunscreen as often as you like without needing to worry about messing up your foundation or concealer. Yas!


4. Try ’90s-Inspired Hair

No more sitting around in your sweats wearing a messy top knot on your head (unless that sparks joy, of course). It’s time to break out that blow dryer, embrace the ’90s-style full blowout, and inject some glam back into your look! Nineties everything seems to be in at the moment, and that includes asymmetrical updos, loose ends, fringes, and accessories like scrunchies and claw clips, too.


5. Say “Yes” To Colorful Eye Makeup

There are so many ways to play around with your eye makeup, even without doing anything elaborate or complicated.

* Try choosing a vibrant or pastel shadow and applying a subtle wash of color all over your upper lid. Top it off with mascara.

* Switch out your black liquid liner for a neon color for a bold, summer-inspired look. Try juxtaposing two different hues for a more elaborate graphic eye.

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* Glitter eyeliner may seem over the top, but wearing it alone with black mascara and a clear, glossy lip can make it a lot less intimidating. I also like to skip the mascara and wear this look by the pool: after I emerge from the water and some of the glitter has inevitably scattered on my face, it creates a magical mermaid effect (that’s what I like to imagine, anyway).

* Grab two or more pastel eyeshadows and place them in a tie-dye-inspired pattern. You may want to keep the rest of your makeup minimal to avoid drawing the gaze away from your masterpiece.


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6. Break Out The Shimmery Body Products

One of the things I don’t love about summer: having to apply sunscreen on my entire body rather than just my face (everything else is mostly covered during the rest of the year). What makes it less painful? Shimmery body sunscreen. If I’m going to bare some skin, you’d better believe I’m going to have fun with it. Shimmery body butters, dry oils, scented body mists, and body bronzers are also fun options during the warm season.

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7. (Temporarily) Change Your Hair Color

Coloring your hair is no longer the permanent and daunting process it once was thanks to a new crop of temporary hair dyes that include colored conditioners, hair chalks, glosses, sprays, depositing shampoos, and masks. They can last anywhere from one to several washes depending on the product. If you’ve ever wanted to spice up your mane without the commitment, you can finally try it!



8. Get Playful With Your Nails

Throughout the rest of the year, I usually wear my nails one of three hues, but once spring and summer roll around, I suddenly get the urge to paint them colorful shades like coral, mint green, and teal. Why not try a negative space look, some simple nail art, or a mismatched mani with various hues from a similar palette? Get creative with this fun summer beauty idea and try something festive!

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9. Paint On Some Faux Freckles

As a naturally (very) freckled human being, it is hard for me to understand people deliberately drawing faux freckles onto their face. But it seems to be a thing, and I’ve seen results actually look pretty natural, so I’ve decided to include the idea here. Think of it as another way to add variety to your look, and to try something different!


10. Switch Up Your Blush Game

It can be easy to default to the same makeup look daily, especially when it comes to things like blush. But different textures and hues can create very different effects, and it’s worth experimenting with. Cream and liquid blushes are superstars in terms of ease of application, no brush needed. Try brighter hues, different placements, and even mixing or combining shades. Try a fresh monochromatic look by using the same cream color on your eyes, cheeks, and lips!

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What fun summer beauty ideas are you going to be trying soon? What’s something different you plan to try this summer—beauty-related or otherwise? Share in the comments!


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